G2 Esports, Fnatic, and ENCE to fight for final two Europe League 2024 Stage 1 Playoff spots — SiegeGG

The Europe League 2024 Stage 1 Group Stage finale will determine which teams will join Team BDS in the top 2 league, and which teams will secure the remaining playoff positions.

At the standings pinnacle, Wolves Esports and Team Secret are predicted to secure the second seed for the league playoffs from this region. With 13 points each, they will face-off later today in the closing match of the regular phase. Besides these two, only Into the Breach still has a mathematical possibility of finishing in second place – which would only happen if they beat ENCE by a margin of 7-1 or 7-0 and Wolves Esports lost to Team Secret in overtime.

As the competition for the region’s secondary spot heats up, all attention will be drawn to the struggle amidst G2 Esports, Fnatic, and ENCE for the leftover playoff positions in Europe.

G2 Esports and its fans will be somewhat on the sidelines today as they are the only team in the league to have already completed their nine matches. This implies that the fate of the Berlin-based organization is not entirely in their control.

If Into the Breach overcomes ENCE in the first game of Monday, the Six Invitational 2023 winners will automatically qualify for the Europe League 2024 Stage 1 Playoffs. Presently in seventh place with 10 points, the Finnish organization needs two points more to leapfrog G2 Esports as both teams have a round difference of -2.

If ENCE triumphs over Into the Breach, the French-based team would temporarily rise to fourth place in the standings – or even third if they manage a flawless victory against the British side.

However, all hope would not be lost for G2 Esports. They would still have one last chance at the playoffs depending on Fnatic suffering a clean defeat against Team BDS, who have already secured a Top 1 finish. Unfortunately, this seems pretty improbable as there has been no flawless result in Europe after 32 games.

Following the wrap-up of today’s games, we will find out which two teams will accompany Team BDS, Wolves Esports, Team Secret, and Into the Breach to the Europe League 2024 Stage 1 Playoffs. On the other hand, WYLDE and Virtus.pro will be joined by a third team as they move on to the Open Qualifiers Playoffs.

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