Fostering Future Esports Talent at Universities Across India

The electrifying finale of the “GIGABYTE College Combat” esports tournament, which unfolded in five prominent cities, marked an end to its thrilling journey. Initiated at Manipal University Jaipur, the event then rolled onto AIIMS Bhubaneswar, NSUT Delhi, KJ Somaiya Mumbai, and finally BITS Pilani, Goa. Attracting the attention of over 2500 ardent student participants and a staggering audience tally of over 20,000, the tournament established a solid reach of over 3.5 million across these prestigious educational institutions.

The use of GIGABYTE technology was pivotal to the success of the event. The GIGABYTE G5 gaming laptops that came with NVIDIA® GeForce RTXTM 40 Series Laptop GPUs, 12th Gen Intel® CoreTM i5 Processor 12500H-Series and 15.6″ Thin Bezel FHD 144Hz Displays, played a vital role in offering a supreme gaming experience.

Moreover, the addition of GIGABYTE’s GeForce RTX 4070 GAMING OC 12G Graphics Cards and GIGABYTE GS27F Performance Monitors further improved the tournament. The 27-inch SS IPS displays, flaunting a 165Hz refresh rate that can go up to 170Hz and a 1ms response time, offered stellar visual precision and smoothness that is imperative for competitive gaming.

In the aftermath of this successful event, Supriya Gawde Mankame, Deputy General Manager, GIGABYTE Technology India Pvt Ltd. shared, “GIGABYTE is quite amazed by the influence that the GIGABYTE College Combat has made on the collegiate esports sphere across India. Our initiative isn’t about competition alone but it’s about equipping students and furnishing them a platform for showcasing their talent with the best technology at their disposal. The GIGABYTE G5 gaming laptops fitted with GeForce RTX 4050 ensured that players can get a feel of a professional-level game play, which is essential in such a competitive setting. Seeing the exceptional performances by these young talents, steered by their passion and our technology, clearly highlights the potential of esports in academia. We take pride in contributing to this growth and vow to continue fostering the abilities of young esports aficionados.”

The impressions of a student from BITS Pilani, Goa who took part in the ‘GIGABYTE College Combat’ esports tournament was, “Participating in this event was truly unforgettable. Beyond the gaming, it was about bonding with fellow gamers across various departments in my college. The dynamic atmosphere at the gaming venues and the exciting challenge of competing against skilled contenders were really fulfilling. The huge crowd in attendance made the scale of the event quite impressive and offered a unique chance for self-improvement and networking. I’m grateful to GIGABYTE and Upthrust Esports for facilitating such an outstanding event and I’m eagerly waiting for future tournaments!”

All the exuberance and journey of the “GIGABYTE College Combat” can be relived, including players’ spectacular performances and interesting titbits from the campuses, by following the @aorus_in and @upthrust_esports Instagram handles. This event underlines the commitment of GIGABYTE and Upthrust Esports towards shaping the future of esports, prioritizing the development of skills and fostering enjoyment in a technologically advanced environment.

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