Fortnite content creators may be getting a mystery skin tomorrow

Fortnite has an ever-expanding roster of skins. Epic Games is constantly working on new concepts and branded characters to bring to the game, with new cosmetics being added all the time. And now, there’s a rumor that content creators will get exclusive access to a new skin tomorrow.

This likely would’ve been a complete surprise if not for the French Fortnite content creator Nanass. The YouTuber posted a tweet to his account that translates to, “I get a mystery skin tomorrow..” He likely got advance notice about a unique skin coming to content creators and he had to let his followers know to expect something tomorrow.

While we don’t know what this skin could be, Fortnite data miner ShiinaBR suggested that when this has happened in the past, it’s been a collaboration. This opens the doors to any number of ideas, and fans have been quick to speculate about what it might be. In recent weeks, there have been rumors that Luke Skywalker could be coming, making his release tomorrow plausible.

Other theories have pointed to Doom Guy or a skin from Family Guy. Both of these were leaked alongside Indiana Jones and Darth Vader ahead of Fortnite Chapter Three, season three. Since we haven’t seen either, it stands to reason that they could be up next in Fortnite‘s roster. Either one of these characters would likely be popular, but nothing is confirmed yet.

Fans will just have to wait until tomorrow for the new skin to be revealed when it’s sent to content creators and shown to fans.

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