Forsen earns his Dota 2 rank, but is he any good?

Possibly, Gorgc and he could be long-lost brothers.

Famed streamer with a poker face, Hans “Forsen” Fors has secured his standing in Dota 2. However, for those followers who are not familiar with the game, determining his proficiency can be challenging.

The notorious complexity of Dota 2 can bewilder returning players feeling like they’re venturing into unfamiliar territory. Despite this, Forsen, the Swedish marvel, succeeded in securing a few victories during his calibration phase.

Forsen landed at Crusader 1 in his Dota 2 ranking, which translates to approximately 1,600 MMR. This is a fairly typical ranking for individuals who have some gaming experience but are newcomers to Dota 2.

Just ahead of the Crownfall release on April 18, the streamer made his comeback to Valve’s MOBA. He managed to complete his calibration period in just a few days.

Can Forsen hold his own in Dota 2?

No, Forsen’s skills in Dota 2 cannot be seen as high quality.

Being the third lowest in the game’s ranking hierarchy, Crusader is more or less equal to silver level in games like League of Legends and VALORANT. In percentile terms, as per Esports Tale’s rank distribution, Forsen surpasses roughly 26.22% of all Dota 2 players.

If we consider percentile only, Forsen’s rank best equates to Bronze 1 in Riot games. Interestingly, Forsen calibrated in Western Europe, an environment known for its competitive matchmaking difficulty.

Forsen will have to accrue approximately 4,020 additional MMR to reach Immortal (Image via Forsen)

For a player who infrequently plays, this rank is commendable. After short experimentations with the game on a stream in 2019, Forsen took a long pause from Dota 2.

There has been substantial evolution in the game over the last five years, yet he appears to have retained some skills. Regretfully, Forsen’s account is neither on Dotabuff nor OpenDota, making it hard to track his gameplay history.

While his achievement might not awe the experienced Dota 2 players, Forsen’s relative success is a testament that the game in 2024 is still accessible and offers reasonable success to new players.

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