For The Second Year Running, Centennial Schools Gave Away Three eSports Scholarships To Students

For the second consecutive year, Centennial Schools hosted an eSports tournament, providing players a platform to compete for three educational grants.

The tournament awarded scholarships worth a total of R1.5 million. Shaun Fuchs, the founder and CEO of Centennial Schools, believes in the power of gaming for teaching critical life skills. He sees the eSports industry as a fruitful field for students to tap into.

Studies prove that video games foster aptitudes in intricate problem-solving, elevating strategic thinking capabilities, teamwork and leadership skills. – Shaun Fuchs

The tournament attracted more than 200 entrants, and the top 25 exhibited their exceptional skills in games such as Overcooked 2 and Minecraft.

The tournament’s victory was a thrilling moment for Nkuli Gamede, the Principal of Centennial Schools.

The successful outcome is a reflection of our school’s growth and students’ eagerness to engage in an eSports-focused environment. Our integration of eSports and gamification into lessons, and a growing waitlist for next year’s competition signal the students’ enthusiasm for this field. – Nkuli Gamede

The tournament’s top three winners were Jamie Twidale (R300 000), Kyra Harris (R200 000), and Zacree Wessels (R150 000).

Kyra’s achievement contradicts the misconception that young girls don’t get involved in eSports. We are incredibly proud of her. – Nkuli Gamede

Centennial Schools boasts the largest eSports arena in Africa and incorporates gaming into academic structures, fostering enjoyable learning and imparting skills that extend beyond academics.

I put my heart into this and performed quite well, even without preparing much. This was an amazing tournament. – Jamie Twidale

Meanwhile, Kyra Harris had this to say:

The competition was exhaustive but highly enjoyable. I prepared more this time and felt less stressed.

Zacree Wessels, who finished third, attributes his success to dedicated training at home:

It was an enjoyable experience, and I am extremely proud of my performance. My hard work paid off.

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