FC Mobile Winter Wildcards Pace Training: All missions, rewards, and more

On December 21, 2023, FC Mobile launched the Winter Wildcards event after concluding the Rivals promo. As the name implies, this event is a celebration of the winter season in the game. It features numerous new cards, events, and modes, including a new Weekly Training chapter. Players can earn spectacular rewards by completing these challenges.

The Winter Wildcards event consists of five courses. The Shooting course saw a significant amount of success, while the highlight of the event’s second week is the Pace course.

This post talks about all the objectives, prizes, and more that make up the Winter Wildcards Pace Training.

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Detailed Information on the Pace Training in the Winter Wildcards promotion for FC Mobile Players

EA Sports added the Pace training to FC Mobile only a few hours ago. It is categorised into three award routes, all of which contain five missions. Each of these objectives comes with a unique reward.

After acquiring the Easy Reward 1, players can unlock the Medium reward track, and then after getting the Medium Reward 1, they can unlock the Hard reward path.

In addition to these rewards, FC Mobile participants can receive three other players as Milestone Rewards in the remaining courses.

Here’s a preview of the remaining courses and their prizes, although EA Sports has yet to fully reveal the cards:

  • Passing – 88 CM
  • Dribbling – 88 CAM
  • Defending – 88 CB

It’s important to note that FC Mobile players who participate in all five of the aforementioned training courses will have the opportunity to obtain the exclusive Winter Sweater Kit.

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