FaZe might be out of Apex Esports according to Battlefy page

Date Published: October 23, 2023

  ❘   Last Updated: October 23, 2023

A brief listing of FaZe Clan’s team as ex-FaZe on Battlefy page for the fourth year of the Apex Legends Global Series led to speculations about the esports entity considering an exit from the game.

It appears that FaZe Clan may be leaving Apex Legends esports following changes in their Battlefy page. Battlefy, the tournament hub for the sport, shows the teams invited to various ALGS Pro Leagues globally. For a short while, FaZe was labeled as ex-FaZe under the North American teams, a term typically used for team slots owned by former organization players who have left the contest.

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NRG’s slot, who departed the esport close after the 2023 ALGS Championship, is listed as ex-NRG, featuring players like Christopher ‘sweetdreams’ Sexton and Nathan ‘Nafen’ Nguyen.

This change was initially revealed by Esports.gg, with a player from FaZe Apex Legends expressing surprise over the news.

The team was briefly marked as ex-FaZe Clan on Faze Clan Apex page

Josue ‘Phony’ Ruiz, who became a team member in 2023 and assisted the crew to rank among the top 10 at the 2023 ALGS Championship, wasn’t sure about the accuracy of this change on social media.

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“This is news to me. Crazy, huh, haha,” he stated.

The circuit’s Battlefy page now recognizes the team as FaZe Clan only.

FaZe Clan stepped into the EA esport in 2022 and had an impressive run in the 2022-23 ALGS season, ranking top 20 in the initial North American Pro League split and then one of the top 5 in the second. The team was also among the top 6 in both the LAN events they participated in.

This development could be due to potentially bigger factors, considering the success of the team in the esport. Recently, the company that owns Complexity Gaming, another competitor in Apex Legends, acquired FaZe. It has reportedly begun exploring options to unload its Counter-Strike team, and it would make sense to do the same with Apex Legends. However, there haven’t been any official declarations from Battlefy, FaZe Clan, or its parent company GameSquare.

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As of now, no official confirmation has come from Battlefy, FaZe Clan, or its parent firm GameSquare.

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