Exclusive Research Report on the “State of the U.S. Esports Market” Unveiled by Leger and Esports Trade Association

August 24, 2023, Chicago, IL –(PR.com)– The research effort spearheaded by Ethan Bondar, Vice President of Leger, has been crucial in guaranteeing the precision, credibility, and comprehensiveness of the research findings. Bondar’s considerable market research experience, coupled with his profound knowledge of the esports industry, were fundamental in framing this revolutionary report.

The “State of the U.S. Esports Market” report provides an all-encompassing perspective of the fast-paced esports environment. The areas of study included in the report are:

Esports Engagement: The report focuses on the current level of esports participation in the U.S., highlighting the gamer, follower, and enthusiast demographics across different age brackets and regions.

User Trends: The investigation looks into the habits of esports players and followers, uncovering their likes, actions, and usage tendencies.

Potential Expansion: The report makes predictions about the U.S esports market’s potential growth path through careful study, offering all stakeholders a peek into the sector’s vibrant future.

Entry Obstacles: The report identifies and studies the roadblocks faced by esports players and followers, delivering an exhaustive overview of the hurdles in the way of a wider esports adoption and engagement.

Prime Marketing Demographics: The report underlines the demographic segments that are most actively engaged with esports, helping marketers to customize their strategies to effectively reach these audiences.

The unique research report is an important resource for industry stakeholders, businesses, and esports fans to gain a deep understanding of the U.S. esports market. The joint effort of the Esports Trade Association and Leger exemplifies their dedication to supplying accurate data and encouraging growth within the esports environment.

“We are excited to have Ethan and Leger unveil this all-inclusive research report at EsportsNext 2023, which sheds unique light on the condition of the U.S esports market,” stated Megan Van Petten, Founder of the Esports Trade Association.

“The widespread attraction of the esports industry is commendable. However, acquiring accurate, country-centric data can be quite a task. We are delighted to offer this distinct research to ESTA members, permitting them to use this information to shape smarter strategies for the U.S esports market,” commented John Davidson, Chair of the Esports Trade Association.

The “State of the U.S. Esports Market” report is now exclusively available for the Esports Trade Association members and can be procured from the ESTA’s Member Hub. Interested in becoming a member? Visit our website to join the Esports Trade Association today.

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