Europe’s Best Chance at the League of Legends World Championships

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G2 Esports, the reigning European champions, are considered the best hope for the West at the upcoming League of Legends World Championships. The team will be competing in South Korea against some of the best local and Chinese teams, and they have legitimate ambitions for success.

Steven “Hans sama” Liv, the French ADC player for G2, reflects on his successful year, his evolution within the team, and the long journey to reach the Worlds. He speaks highly of his teammates’ high skill levels, strong personalities, and elevated ambitions. According to Liv, everyone at G2, including the staff, excels in their role, and he has only positive things to say about the people surrounding him in the team. The organization is well-structured, with everyone working hard and maintaining high standards. There is a collective determination to go far in the competition.

Liv explains that this experience is unlike anything he has known before. The team’s dominance is evident, even in training sessions where losing a day of practice is rare. The players never give up and maintain a constant mindset that positively influences their performance in official matches. Despite the intense pace, G2 manages to achieve impressive results in terms of skill level, synergy, and off-game preparation.

When asked if there is pressure to perform at a high level, Liv counters that the team has a blind trust in one another. If he cannot carry a match, he knows that any other player on the team is capable of doing so. This individual strength translates into a formidable asset, creating fear in opponents from the draft phase onwards. G2 possesses a wide range of strong picks, making it difficult for opponents to shut them down. Liv is confident that the team can go far in the competition.

G2’s goal has always been to reach the World Championships. While the European tournaments were important, the team’s primary focus has been on the Worlds since the beginning of the year. They have learned a lot from the Mid-Season Invitational and have developed strategies against the top Asian teams.

Reflecting on the MSI, Liv admits that it was surprising to perform poorly in official matches despite doing well in training. The team spent a significant amount of time analyzing their mistakes and discussing how to approach international events. They are focused on playing to their strengths rather than imitating the champions and playstyles of the top Asian teams.

On a personal level, Liv is satisfied with his performance this season. G2’s aggressive style suits him, and they apply pressure both individually and as a team. However, he acknowledges that this approach comes with risks.

Overall, G2 Esports enters the League of Legends World Championships with high hopes and a strong belief in their abilities. While the competition will be tough, they have the skills, strategy, and determination necessary to succeed.

– “G2 Esports, Chaser de la Couronne Mondiale” – LoL Esports France
– Image source: T1 eSports Twitter (@T1LoL)

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