Esports win Unified Award at MEC Competition – The Simpsonian

Simpson College Esports team underwent a formidable challenge in the Midwest Esports Conference Championship tournament. Despite falling short of the first prize, they managed to secure the Unified Award.

This award is bestowed upon the team that exhibits the highest level of professionalism and positivity throughout the tournament. 

Team player, Bodhi Mains, a Junior, regards this award as an important accomplishment for the team, as he shared in an email statement.

“Securing this award is a testament to the relentless efforts contributed by the entire team, our work-study employees, and most notably Coach Hubert and Seth,” he stated. “It signifies that the team’s efforts have not gone unnoticed and that our program possesses a strength that is steering us towards positive growth.” 

Esports teams have the flexibility to compete in an array of video games. For the Simpson team, their choice currently revolves around “Valorant”, “Rocket League”, “Super Smash Bros. Ultimate” and “League of Legends,” as Mains pointed out.

“Being a recipient of this award is a huge honour. The recognition of our program and community by the MEC is truly remarkable,” says Emma Van Aernam, another junior team player. “Our team environment is welcoming and engaging. The way we engage and communicate during games is quite amusing, yet it unifies us.”

Currently, the Esports team comprises five varsity members and seven junior varsity players. Their future prospect involves splitting the team evenly into six members each, with an additional substitute.

Team’s head coach, Hubert Whan Tong, divulges their plans to incorporate curricula into their gaming practice. “We are contemplating the idea of combining business management or event management with a focus in Esports. We hope that our insights in these areas would arouse interest and further stimulate the growth of such programs nationally,” he commented.

Bodhi implores that becoming a part of professional gaming can revamp your perception as you strive to hone your skills. “The journey could be stressful, but the thrill it adds makes it enjoyable. Competitive gaming will challenge you like never before, but the progress you make would be far superior than journeying alone,” he advocated.

Importantly, he stresses that Esports should not be perceived as a replacement for casual gaming and must be viewed with a seriousness equal to other sports. “Esports isn’t just about playing games, it’s where you contest against the best and aspire to become one”.

“If you have an inclination towards Esports/Competitive Gaming, you must be prepared for a shift in your gaming outlook. Esports is not just a ‘game’ anymore; it involves analysing your gameplay critically and constantly striving to enhance your performance. There might be some stress, but the competitive edge it lends makes the journey all the more rewarding. Moreover, your skill advancement would be much higher than what solitary gaming could ever offer,” he concluded.

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