Esports takes home win against Missouri playing Super Smash Bros.

Loyola’s e-sports team took home a win in a Super Smash Bros tournament Thursday, Sept. 22 against the University of Missouri, one of the first competitions for the newly varsity team.

With the most recent statistics of a 2-1 record so far this season, the team is already off to a successful start.

Players Anthony Nodolski, Owen Salinas, Nathan Long, and Ameer Joseph are those who compete in tournaments playing Super Smash Bros, including that against the University of Missouri.

In these tournaments, all players team up to play four vs. four against other teams, according to coach Lumen Vera.

Within these tournaments, students all play at least twice, and have the opportunity to put their adaptability to the test.

The players are expected to practice eight to 10 hours a week, and many spend the majority of their downtime stretching their strategies.

On top of two wins so far, hours of practice, and long tournaments, one of the players, Salinas, holds the title as fourth in the state.

But winning isn’t the team’s only focus. Coach Vera emphasized the importance of team building and community within his group as they work toward winning more tournaments.

He said he “wants a successful community over good players.”

Unlike most college-level sports, the e-sports team opens up their room to and welcomes anyone who is interested to come in and check it out, Vera said.

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