Esports players set to do battle at IESF World Championships in Iași

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For roughly a decade and a half, has been a leader in fearless reporting about the happenings within the Olympic Movement. As the pioneer in providing non-paywall content, we made the International Olympic Committee news, along with Paralympic, Olympic, Commonwealth Games, and other major events, accessible to all. has gained a global reputation for its excellent reporting and extensive coverage. For numerous readers from over 200 countries and territories globally, the site has become a crucial part of their daily routines. The arrival of our daily email alert at 6.30am UK time every day of the year is as familiar to them as their morning coffee.

Even amidst the severe COVID-19 period, continued to uphold its high standard of daily global news reporting. We were the first to bring attention to the threat the Olympic Movement faced due to the coronavirus, and since then, we have provided unmatched pandemic coverage.

As the world gradually recovers from the pandemic, is inviting you to join us by supporting our independent journalism. Your vital contributions give us the means to continue delivering comprehensive reports about the Olympic Movement and the events shaping it, and to keep our website accessible for everyone. Last year, was read by almost 25 million people, making us the largest independent source of worldwide sports news.

All contributions, big or small, will improve and maintain our coverage in the upcoming year. Last year, our small, dedicated team was immensely busy providing coverage of the re-scheduled Olympic and Paralympic Games in Tokyo – a task of incredible logistical difficulty that stretched our resources to the maximum.

The remainder of 2022 promises to be just as demanding. We have the Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games in Beijing, where we dispatched a four-reporter team, and upcoming events include the Commonwealth Games in Birmingham, the Summer World University and Asian Games in China, the World Games in Alabama, multiple World Championships, and of course, the FIFA World Cup in Qatar.

Unlike many others, is free for all to read, irrespective of financial means. We uphold this policy because we firmly believe that sport belongs to all people, and everyone should have access to information no matter their financial status. While others exploit information for financial gain, we are committed to sharing it widely. The more people are kept informed about global events and understanding their impact, the more transparency can be enforced in sports.

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