Esports leader Team Liquid joins Illuvium for strategic blockchain game beta test

Illuvium, a gaming platform decentralized on Ethereum (ETH), has partnered with renowned esports organization, Team Liquid, to conduct a beta test on their early access game Illuvium: Arena, as revealed in a statement released on Dec. 1 to CryptoSlate.

The partnership’s objective is to extend the blockchain gaming experience to a wider audience via prominent Team Liquid gamers, such as Midbeast, SnoodyBoo, and Broxah.

In the past, numerous blockchain games have struggled to achieve popularity due to their perceived lower quality. Research by CoinGecko disclosed that 75% of web3 games introduced in the past five years have been unsuccessful, with over 2000 games flopping during the same period.

Nonetheless, Victor Goossens, Team Liquid’s Co-CEO, expressed optimism regarding Illuvium: Arena‘s intricate design and competitive essence. He believes this game could alter gaming enthusiasts’ views on blockchain games, emphasizing its strategy-focused nature.

The gaming environment of Illuvium incorporates three primary stages: the initiating stage Illuvium: Zero for fuel procurement, exploration in Illuvium: Overworld, and player-versus-player (PvP) battles in Illuvium: Arena using the gained assets.

The high-quality visuals and strategic complexity of the game put it in direct competition with popular franchises such as Pokémon and Teamfight Tactics. Also, the option for players to earn in-game assets convertible into real-world money enhances its attractiveness.

Apart from game testing, players can acquire exclusive digital collectibles of Team Liquid, known as Illuvitars, from Dec. 12, leading to special in-game aesthetics.

The CEO of Illuvium, Kieran Warwick, underlined the need to provide exceptional gaming experiences to dispel doubts about blockchain games. He views the partnership with Team Liquid as a significant step in proving that blockchain, including NFT-based games, can offer experiences on par with conventional games.

Although the current partnership primarily focuses on game testing, Illuvium suggested potential future tournaments within Illuvium: Arena in collaboration with Team Liquid.

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