Esports Apparel Partnerships : team liquid death note

Multinational esports organization, Team Liquid, has joined forces with manga publisher, Viz Media, to launch a merchandise collection that draws inspiration from the acclaimed anime series, Death Note. The collection features a range of products like hoodies, t-shirts, hats, keycaps, and mouse mats, slated for release on April 12th. This merchandise embodies the growing convergence of esports and mainstream culture, notably anime and manga communities.

The collection, themed around Death Note, represents a crucial facet of Team Liquid’s overall mission to connect with its fans using culturally significant collaborations. The merchandise incorporates designs centered on the anime’s key characters like Ryuk, and provides keycaps that are aligned with most standard keyboard dimensions. This move is in line with recent esports and anime collaborations emphasizing a pattern in the esports field of capitalizing on the mutual interests of its audiences.

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