El programa eSports de Córdoba fue distinguido como referente nacional

The eSports Program Cordoba has been honoured with the Federal Recognition in the E-Sports & Gaming category, an event presented by the Science and Periphery digital platform and magazine.

Experts from the sector formed the jury, who assessed various proposals and initiatives conducted across the country. They recognized especially the program initiated by the Government of Cordoba through the Ministry of Science and Technology, Cordoba Sports Agency and Cordoba Young Agency.

The organizers believe that the goal of this act is to introduce talent and emerging companies in the fields of science and technological innovation, bearing in mind a federal vision as a central point. According to Science and Periphery magazine, the selected projects highlight inventions and the development of innovative knowledge as well as their commercial and social impact.

Enthusiasts for e-sports are increasing across the province.

Project evaluations happened through the analysis of contribution to knowledge and innovation-based proposals. Evaluation took into account value generation from innovation, with proposals implemented, deployed, and used on an individual, organizational, and societal level.

The eSports Program Cordoba stood out due to its originality, distinctive nature, groundbreaking proposal, and high impact.

The recognition ceremony took place in Buenos Aires city, received by Gonzalo Valenci from the Ministry of Science and Technology, and Pablo Diaz Azulay from Cordoba Sports Agency.

One of eSports Cordoba’s major events.

About eSports Program Cordoba

eSports Program Cordoba, an initiative by the Cordoba Government, was developed to boost the growth and spread of electronic sports in the province and encourage the creation of new video game production companies. This initiative has a positive effect on the software industry locally, nationally, and globally as Cordoba exports software and expertise in this field.

Presently, Cordoba province is home to 40 established video game development companies, employing more than 400 people.

This offers genuine employment opportunities for Cordobians. As industries grow and knowledge develops, there are immediate, innovative opportunities that align with the current job market, particularly for young digital natives.

Moreover, Cordoba was the first province to classify video games as an industry in the Promotion and Encouragement Law for the Audiovisual Industry and provides support for its growth.

Also, through the implementation of several activities, the Knowledge Economy Law includes the gaming industry.

In terms of training, Cordoba has advanced the creation of three video game programmes as part of the curriculum of the Provincial University of Cordoba.

Finally, Cordoba has reached over 4,000 esports athletes throughout the province.

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