EA FC 24 Paolo Maldini Icon SBC

A recent whisper from FIFATradingRomania could excite the community if it becomes a reality. The buzz is about the EA FC 24 Paolo Maldini Icon SBC being made available in Ultimate Team. If true, Maldini will become the second base Icon defender to get his Squad Building Challenge, following on from the earlier release of Laurent Blanc.

The fans are eagerly looking forward to this, despite EA Sports neither confirming nor discrediting the whisper about the upcoming EA FC 24 Paolo Maldini Icon SBC. Nevertheless, educated guesses can be made regarding its date of release. It’s worth highlighting that Maldini’s Icon card is already part of Ultimate Team, although stumbling upon it in packs is highly unlikely.

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Expected release date for EA FC 24 Paolo Maldini Icon SBC?

Currently, Ultimate Team offers a plethora of exciting content. Such as the new FC Versus promo that was launched on January 5, featuring two variations of some of the world’s leading footballers. That said, the Icons have a unique fan base owing to their stats and boosted chemistry link.

There is a high probability that the upcoming Maldini SBC will be released on Sunday, January 7. Sundays have traditionally been reserved for multiple challenges featuring guaranteed Icons and Heroes. Thus, January 7 seems to be the most probable date for the SBC’s launch.

However, it is worth noting that EA Sports has released Icon challenges on other days besides Sunday as well. Thus, for official confirmation, readers should wait for the announcement from EA Sports.

Lowest-cost prediction for EA FC 24 Paolo Maldini Icon SBC

Completing the EA FC 24 Paolo Maldini Icon SBC will not be cheap. Generally, the cost of any special challenge depends on the number of tasks and their stipulations.

If you want to acquire Maldini’s Icon card directly from the market, it will set you back just under 1.3 million coins. A recent decrease in its price has come about as players have begun offloading it in anticipation of this challenge. It’s worth mentioning that Blanc’s Icon card SBC completion cost was marginally less than his market value.

If EA Sports continues to adhere to this trend, the least expensive prediction for the upcoming challenge is expected to be around a million coins. Therefore, players should start hoarding their fodder to minimize their expenditure.

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