Don’t let her charm fool you! New hero Cici can destroy you with her Yo-yo

Get ready to be captivated by the charm of a new hero fighter, ready to grace the Land of Dawn soon. The hero highlight of Cici, The Buoyant Performer, has been released by Moonton Games.

The newest addition, Cici, is the 123rd hero in the game and the fourth hero being introduced this year, following Arlott, Novaria, and Nolan.

Cici is a born performer, fighting enemies with her unique battle yo-yo, turning conflict into performance. Dressed in a sunny yellow frock, sporting long blue locks, and adorned with a vibrant pink hairband, Cici adds a dash of visual appeal to the game’s extensive roster.

The creators mention that the new hero shines in prolonging team fights and excels in tracking and eliminating opponents from the backline.

A sneak peek at Cici’s abilities in Mobile Legends

Screenshot captured by Jules Elona/ONE Esports

Passive Power – Performer’s Joy

Screenshot taken by Jules Elona/ONE Esports

Cici generates a stack of Delight each time she inflicts damage, this increases her movement speed per stack and can be stacked up to 10 times. On reaching full stacks, Cici achieves spell vamp.

First Skill – Yo-yo Strike

Cici propels her yo-yo in the direction of the closest enemy with the range and latches onto them for a few blocks of time, striking them up to 10 times and inflicting damage. Cici is at liberty to move and perform other abilities while executing this attack.

Second Skill – Lively Leap

Screenshot captured by Jules Elona/ONE Esports

Cici makes a targeted leap. Landing on an enemy inflicts physical harm and causes another leap in the target’s direction.

Ultimate Ability – Final Act

Screenshot captured by Jules Elona/ONE Esports

Cici hurls her yo-yo at the targeted enemy, tying them up with any other nearby rival, inflicting physical damage while slowing them down and drawing them closer.

Amidst this process, she can employ Yo-yo Blitz to assault both the tangled rivals together. In case only a single adversary falls within the Yo-yo Blitz’s range, Cici will strike the opponent twice, albeit the second hit will inflict lesser damage.

The release of The Buoyant Performer is scheduled for December 27. Stay in the loop with all MLBB esports news, guides, and latest updates on ONE Esports through Facebook, Instagram, and Tiktok.

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