Disguised Toast officially announces roster for his professional Valorant esports team

Twitch sensation Jeremy “Disguised Toast” announced the roster for his professional Valorant esports team on January 9, 2023. He officially confirmed that his team’s name will be “Disguised,” or “DSG” for short.

Disguised Toast also clarified that his team would be competing in the Valorant Champions Tour (VCT): Challengers Open Qualifiers. Regarding the roster’s official video announcement, the OfflineTV member stated:

“I didn’t have time to get an announcement video made so I drew this pic in MSPaint from my hotel room.”

“Dude, that’s so f*n dope” – Online community reacts to Disguised Toast’s official Valorant esports team roster

During a livestream on January 4, 2023, Jeremy casually announced the name of his professional Valorant esports team. He stated:

“We decided on a team name for our Valorant team. We’re just calling it ‘Disguised.’ This way, it can be short form to ‘DSG.’ That’s the team name. Disguised.”

The former Facebook Gaming streamer also mentioned at the time that he needed to “deal with” a few things before announcing his team’s official roster.

Disguised Toast finally announced his professional Valorant esports team roster four days later, revealing that some of the game’s most well-known players will be joining his squad.

Based on the Twitter post, the following players will be on the active roster of Team Disguised:

  • Josh “steel”
  • Drake “Exalt”
  • Damion “XXiF”
  • Amgalan “Genghsta”
  • Joseph “clear”

Kyle “OCEAN,” a former Counter-Strike: Global Offensive player and inactive Knights member, will be the team’s head coach.

The announcement went viral on the social media platform, with several prominent gaming and streaming personalities weighing in. YouTube Gaming star Ludwig commented:

YouTube Gaming streamer Ludwig reacting to the Disguised Toast’s roster announcement (Image via Twitter)

The newly formed roster of Team DSG reacted to the update as well, with steel jokingly stating:

“I feel like this doesn’t fully encapsulate my personality.”

Fellow OfflineTV member Sydney “Sydeon” commented:

VCT analyst Jakub “Lothar” stated that he’s a “big fan” of steel and expressed his hope for a breakout performance:

Here are some more relevant fan reactions:

In addition to Disguised Toast, YouTube Gaming streamer and Fortnite icon Ali “Myth” has also expressed interest in forming a professional Valorant esports team. In a tweet posted on January 8, Myth stated:

“I want to explore signing a Valorant team, paying them, and then doing watch parties/rooting for them.”

I want to explore signing a valorant team, paying them and then doing watch parties / rooting for them. Does anybody know any FA teams?

I want to explore signing a valorant team, paying them and then doing watch parties / rooting for them. Does anybody know any FA teams?

Last year (on November 13, 2022), Twitch streamer Timmy “iiTzTimmy” revealed that he would be working alongside former Counter-Strike: Global Offensive professional Michael “Shroud.” The former stated that they were looking for players for the Valorant Ascension League.

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