Complex turns Fuxing Park into vibrant entertainment hub

Ti Gong

INS Fuxing Park has a goal to elevate the nocturnal economy of the region.

Fuxing Park in Shanghai’s Huangpu District, which has a rich history spanning over a century, recently unveiled a new commercial complex dedicated to eSports and music. The aim is to rejuvenate the nightlife of the central Hengfu area (Hengshan-Fuxing roads).

The INS Fuxing Park, termed as “Into Nothing Serious”, is spread across 20,000 square meters across six floors. It sits adjacent to the Sinan Mansions, the only fully preserved historical garden villa complex in Central Shanghai.

The park marries eSports with a variety of leisure activities such as culture, music, theme-based events, primarily to attract a young clientele and breathe life into the commercial landscape of the area.

The park offers a plethora of services including dining, entertainment, sports, bars, exhibitions, and performances, tailored for the younger generation.

It is home to a 1,000-square-meter eSports arena that can accommodate up to 600 spectators. Prominent attractions include the 2023 Honor of Kings International Championship group stage draw which took place in this newly inaugurated complex on Sunday. Sixteen teams will vie for a position in the finals.

Ti Gong

The 2023 Honor of Kings International Championship group stage draw took place at the INS Fuxing Park this Sunday.

Ying Shuling, the chairman of the complex, shared that they are expecting to host multiple world-class eSports games, including the Saudi eSports World Cup and the King of Honor Professional League. He stated: “The complex seeks to capture the essence of the modern young generation and their involvement in the economy.”

Fuxing Park is a key historical monument in Shanghai known for its French classical design. It was once a vibrant nightlife spot bustling with renowned clubs and KTVs. However, the charm of the locale had gradually faded away, admits the Huangpu government.

In response to this, the newly established INS park, serving the recreation and social needs of today’s youth, marks a departure from conventional nightlife and ushers a new era of social events blending music and eSports.

The Sinan Fuxing Cultural Development Promotion Association also saw its launch at the mansions and INS park recently. Its mission is to promote cultural growth in Huaihai, Yandang, Nanchang and Sinan roads area using art, music and eSports.

Ti Gong

Participant teams of the 2023 Honor of Kings International Championship attending the draw ceremony at the INS park.

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