Come Together: How Lawrence Okolie and Joe Gallagher linked up

Instead of simply labeling Joe Gallagher as a repairman in boxing or a fixer-upper, it might be more fitting to liken him to Quentin Tarantino. Like Tarantino in the nineties with reviving the careers of forgotten actors, Gallagher has a knack for rejuvenating boxers’ careers.

Throughout his career, Gallagher has been instrumental in the transformations of fighters like Matthew Macklin, Paul Smith, and Anthony Crolla. Now, in 2024, he is taking on a new challenge with Lawrence Okolie, a former WBO cruiserweight champion many have written off.

Despite their unlikely pairing, Okolie and Gallagher complement each other well. Their partnership makes sense when you consider Gallagher’s expertise and what Okolie needs to succeed. The origins of their collaboration and Okolie’s current situation only reinforce the logic behind their alliance.

Gallagher described how their relationship evolved naturally, with Okolie proving to be coachable and receptive to instruction. The preparation for Okolie’s upcoming fight in Poland against Lukasz Rozanski underscores their shared commitment.

Okolie loses his WBO cruiserweight belt against Chris Billam-Smith (Getty Images)

Okolie’s upcoming bout against Rozanski presents a crucial test for both him and Gallagher. A victory could signify Okolie’s resurgence in the boxing world, while a loss would only further cement the doubts surrounding his career.

Gallagher draws parallels between this fight and past successes with fighters like Macklin, emphasizing the need for Okolie to prove his critics wrong. The challenge ahead is daunting, but Gallagher remains optimistic about Okolie’s potential to defy expectations.

Joe Gallagher watches on from the corner at York Hall, Bethnal Green on December 3, 2021 (James Chance/Getty Images)

To achieve something extraordinary, Okolie must heed Gallagher’s guidance and leverage his physical gifts. Gallagher’s coaching style aims to instill confidence in his fighters, enabling them to unleash their full potential.

Gallagher and Okolie continue to work together, focusing on refining Okolie’s skills and addressing his weaknesses. As they approach the fight on May 24th, they remain committed to achieving the desired outcome.

Despite skepticism from outsiders, Gallagher remains steadfast in his belief in Okolie’s ability to stage a comeback. He draws inspiration from past experiences with underestimated fighters who went on to achieve great success.

Although their journey is just beginning, early signs indicate a promising future for Okolie under Gallagher’s guidance.

Gallagher highlighted the positive impact of the team environment at Champs Camp on Okolie’s mindset and training. Being surrounded by dedicated individuals has reinvigorated Okolie’s passion and work ethic.

While it may be easy to underestimate Okolie and his new trainer, those familiar with Gallagher’s approach know that his fighters never feel isolated or lacking support.

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