CDL reportedly shuts down Twitch Watch Parties

CDL viewership parties are prohibited on Twitch for ZooMaa and Scump; instead, they can only host these on YouTube.

The Call of Duty League began a day ago and already controversies are arising. Allegedly, Thomas “ZooMaa” Paparatto and another have reported that two of the most popular viewing party streams cannot broadcast. The CDL cannot be streamed in any form on Twitch, including watch parties, based on on-air comments from ZooMaa.

Moreover, the Breakdown watch party hosted by Seth “Scump” Abner and Anthony “Methodz” Zinni, along with The Flank, led by Thomas ZooMaa, will also be impacted by the ban. The primary reason appears to be the exclusive broadcasting of the CDL stream on YouTube, especially for the 2024 edition.

Twitch watch party of Scump without any gameplay (Image via Twitch)

The Stance of ZooMaa and The Flank

Although Scump and Methodz are streaming CDL with video on YouTube and without it on Twitch, members of The Flank are doing the same. ZooMaa, however, only has a video of his webcam on his stream screen.

He stated, “Today I received an email mentioning that we can no longer comment on gameplay, nor can we display any CDL gameplay, even if the matches have ended. It doesn’t matter, I can’t go live on Twitch and review gameplay on YouTube.”

“Watching and analyzing Call of Duty games is no longer allowed. The only workaround would be if I left Twitch altogether and moved to YouTube.”

“Truth be told, YouTube doesn’t benefit me in any way. While I enjoyed my meetings with the team at YouTube and respect them, they have to understand my perspective. I’ve been on Twitch for several years and I’m not prepared to simply switch off my stream and quit Twitch. This has always been my platform.”

“If YouTube could offer a deal that might convince me to switch, that would be a different matter.”

Scump has clarified that he and ZooMaa have been discussing their next steps since the news broke.

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