The Esports Membership adclaims the Valorable TEC Challenger collection

Because of the release of Valorant, the sport has become one of the most famous esports titles in India. Many tournaments in a sport happen yearly, giving the entire player the chance to compete in opposition to the most efficient gamers around the world. Among

Because of the release of Valorant, the sport has been transformed into one of India’s most outstanding esports titles. In addition to sports tournaments which happen every year, the gamers can be fully competitive against the most effective gamers in the world. Among those tournaments is the TEC / Esports Membership Challenger collection. The TEC … Read more

How to Unlock Prince Eric in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Disney Dreamlight Valley is Disney’s ambitious foray into the open-world genre. Despite being in early access, the game has a lot of fun activities to keep players occupied. It stays true to its roots by bringing in several characters from the Disney and Pixar universe to populate Dreamlight Valley. Among those characters is Prince Eric, … Read more

How tiebreakers work at Worlds 2022

The League of Legends World Championship is the greatest League tournament gathering the most talented individuals and teams who showcased consistency and hard work. Throughout both the Spring and Summer Splits, these teams put a lot of effort into improving and deservedly secured their spot at Worlds 2022. The finest players train in similar conditions … Read more

Genshin Impact anniversary 2022: Rewards, events, banners

It’s raining gems and fates. Uncle Dawei is here, and he’s brought gifts for every traveler! It’s been two years since the launch of HoYoverse’s open-world role-playing game, Genshin Impact. Since then, the game has broken numerous records, and released four regions and 54 playable characters. Of course, its huge success won’t be possible without … Read more

How to report players in Phasmorphobia

Kinetic Games’ coop horror Phasmophobia has taken the gaming world by storm, as their shiny-new update to the 2020 title is adding a bunch of new features.  For players who haven’t heard of Phasmorphobia, users will play as paranormal investigators searching through a collection of haunted areas, seeking out any ghostly precedence, and relinquishing the … Read more

Worlds 2022 power rankings: Gen.G lead the way

Will the LPL stay on top? After conquering the Summer playoffs and regional qualifiers, the best League of Legends teams in the world will now compete in the biggest LoL tournament of the year. Worlds 2022 welcomes 24 teams from its 11 regional leagues. Worlds 2021 champions Edward Gaming are back to defend the throne, … Read more

With a gamer prince and oil billions, Saudi turns to esports

Wearing headphones and anti-sweat finger sleeves, gamers from eight countries guided gun-toting avatars through a battle royale in the Saudi capital, as cheering onlookers watched the action on a big screen. The PUBG Mobile tournament was part of Gamers8, a summer festival spotlighting Saudi Arabia’s emergence as a global esports dynamo – one that officials … Read more