Can you play Grounded on Steam Deck?

Grounded has been on early access for the last two years. The survival game was fully released on Sept. 27, 2022. While PC and Xbox fans were able to dive right into the action, fans are curious whether Grounded will become available on other platforms.

Titles become available on certain platforms while staying off others for several reasons. They might want to test the demand first or have issues regarding agreements. It can also be due to hardware restrictions. Not all platforms will feature the same components, making it difficult for developers to optimize their games. Players may run into performance issues if a title is unoptimized for a specific platform, but they can continue playing if the overall gaming experience is smooth.

Is Grounded available on Steam Deck?

Steam lists Grounded as “unsupported” on Steam Deck, but the game can still be played on the device once installed.

You can play Grounded on Steam Deck, but you’ll need to lower the game’s settings since it’s not fully optimized yet. High graphical settings can cause the game to run on subpar frame rates, making it difficult to navigate around the world.

Though fans will need to make visual sacrifices to enjoy Grounded on Steam Deck, for now, Valve and Obsidian may ship optimization patches in the future to ensure a smoother gameplay experience for higher graphics settings.

If you don’t want to hold back your graphics settings and prefer enjoying Grounded in its full glory, the game is available on Xbox Game Pass and PC, two platforms powerful enough to allow players to crank up their graphics settings.

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