Can you insert discs into an Xbox Series S? Answered

The newer generation of consoles provides more comfort for users by including features where you can save space by going digital. Aside from the traditional video game format where you need to use physical discs to play your favorite titles, players can now purchase their copies online, making the lives of gamers easier than ever.

The latest iterations of the Xbox console, namely the Xbox Series X|S, allow users to save their games digitally. The Xbox has been the go-to channel for gamers in terms of saving time from purchasing games in physical stores, as well as the storage they will need to keep their game discs.

The Xbox Series X is the higher-end console among the two, allowing games to be played in the most modern way available today. The graphics, sounds, and other technical aspects of games can be run in the highest quality possible, leading to high demand for the console since its release in 2020.

The Xbox Series S, on the other hand, is the more affordable version of the Series X console. While it also presents games in high standards for the technical side, it is a smaller console that fits most TV sets available before it was released.

Can you insert discs into an Xbox Series S?

But with the more modern way of playing games comes the sacrifices that need to be made. This includes the Xbox Series S’ lack of ability to allow users to play physical discs.

All games should be installed through the Microsoft Store or the Xbox Games Pass. Another way you can save games on your Xbox Series S is by installing them remotely through the Xbox Game Pass mobile app.

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