Calling all gamers: Auburn Esports’ Overwatch team seeking new players

Choosing to join the Overwatch team at Auburn Esports entails becoming part of one of the country’s top gaming groups, says Evan Brown, Club President and junior studying sports production.

This club, focusing on a team-oriented online game titled Overwatch, is in search of new additions to boost their gaming achievements. The team, which has been partaking in contests for nearly four years, is currently made up of six players. 

“It’s the elite we are after,” stated Brown. “We desire those who excel at their role. However, I want everyone to be aware that we have multiple teams catering to all playing skill levels. My endeavour is to invigorate the community spirit – to create a real community where people find joy playing together, enjoying their favourite game, and forging friendships. That’s what truly matters to me.”

Unlike many other institutions, Auburn Overwatch players aren’t offered scholarships. Nonetheless, Auburn’s participants can make the most of top-notch coaching and enjoy the perks of matching skills with highly-backed teams. 

As Brown shared, Auburn reigned victorious over the nation’s No. 13 team last year and aims to compete against top-tier institutions nationwide. Recently, Brown initiated the Southern Esports Conference contest for Overwatch, inviting all Southeastern Conference institutions barring Vanderbilt and Missouri, who were replaced by Clemson and Texas Tech. The team is also set to partake in the Overwatch Collegiate Championship coming up this November.

“Our best selling point is that we, the players, finance our own coaching. We make use of high-grade coaches and rank among the country’s best teams,” Brown mentioned. “We routinely defeat fully-funded, scholarship-based teams in matches, making it seem effortless.”

This multi-platform game can be played at any location, wherever you are, using a PC, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, or PlayStation, with the team’s primary mode of communication being a Discord chat. The team participates in approximately four to five contests each week and these can be played from a location suitable to the player. The club also arranges in-person gatherings for members to meet and socialize. 

In addition to Overwatch, Auburn Esports also has competitive leagues for Valorant, League of Legends, Rainbow Six Siege, CS:GO, Super Smash Brothers, Smite, Rocket League, Omega Strikers, and Apex Legends.

Students keen on joining can check out Auburn Esports on AU Involve, where a link to their Discord servers is provided.

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