Breeze returns to Valorant after major balance changes

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Time to go back to the beach.

Breeze will make its return to Valorant after receiving major balance changes

Valorant’s sixth map Breeze has gone through extensive balance changes, and it’s being added back to the map pool in the upcoming patch at the start of Episode 7 Act 2.

It was announced on the official Valorant Twitter on August 17, along with the news that Fracture and Pearl will be removed from the active map pool.

This means that a slot is likely left open for the rumored new Los Angeles Valorant map, which could make its first appearance at Valorant Champions 2023.

All the new changes made to Breeze for Episode 7 Act 2

Nine key areas have undergone substantial changes, giving Breeze a fresh and renewed gameplay experience.

Mid pillar

Credit: Riot Games

Mid cubby

Credit: Riot Games

B site

Credit: Riot Games

B back

Credit: Riot Games

A hall

Credit: Riot Games

Mid wood doors

Credit: Riot Games

A shop

Credit: Riot Games

A cave

Credit: Riot Games

A site

Credit: Riot Games

Significant pathways like A halls and Mid cubby are now blocked off, making it difficult for attackers to pressure different parts of the map.

The changes to the B site make movement for attackers and defenders are more restricted because the stairs connecting B back and the spike area were removed.

Taking aim duels at the start of the round in the A site will feel completely different now that the back of A cave has been closed off. Attackers must go through A shop to get onto A site.

Riot Games also added a Shrimp and Crab logo to the two metal pyramids at the A site, which allows players to provide detailed callouts while on the A site.

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