Boise State Esports named Institution of the Year

The award for Institution of the Year is received by Dr. Amanda Ryan, Rae Barnes, and Jenny Cummins.

At the first Scholars Collegiate Gaming Awards in Las Vegas, Boise State Esports earned 14 nominations and secured the Institution of the Year award. The team is guided by Esports Head Coach Chris “Doc” Haskell.

The acknowledgment confirms Boise State as an authoritative force in the collegiate competitive gaming landscape, coming off their 2023 Mountain West Conference Championship, runner-up in a nationwide Collegiate Rocket League tournament, and many national and conference victories.

Boise State Esports was nominated in these categories besides Institution of the Year:

  • Collegiate Program of the Year
  • Collegiate Gaming Club of the Year
  • Global Impact
  • Collegiate Tournament Organizer
  • Collegiate Team: Overwatch

“The Institution of the Year honor pronounces Boise State’s unwavering dedication to fostering a vibrant Esports culture. It also acknowledges the remarkable resilience, collaboration, and zeal demonstrated by everyone involved. This commendation signifies the collective spirit of Boise State, and I admire our community’s commitment to advancing the boundaries of Esports, promoting innovation, and empowering all our students,”

– Amanda Ryan, Assistant Dean, College of Innovation + Design

Emiliano Flores (alias ‘Durtho’)

Seven Boise State Esports players received individual nominations. Emiliano Flores, also referred to as ‘Durtho,’ a Boise State Rocket League player, won the prestigious trendsetter of Collegiate Player of the Year. Much credit goes to his achievements: a National Association of Esports Coaches and Directors All-American award, a Mountain West Rocket League championship, and an impressive race to the Collegiate Rocket League Worldwide Championship. Currently, a sophomore at Boise State, Flores is pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Health Studies, aspiring to become a perfusionist.

“We have indeed been recognized with several awards over the years in Esports, yet watching our students shine brings me the greatest satisfaction.,”

– Doc Haskell, Head Coach of Esports, College of Innovation + Design

Boise State Esports, part of the College of Innovation + Design, boasts of over 2,000 live broadcasts, more than 1,200 total wins, four national titles and 11 conference championships, the 2022 Program of the Year, and over 40 individual, team, and broadcast awards.

Recognized globally, the Esports Awards program, Scholars recognizes the extraordinary contributions of gaming scholars like Flores and the Boise State Esports team. Their commitment, skillset, and dedication have not only fetched trophies but also revolutionized the sphere of Esports.

From left to right: Jenny Cummins, Joey Paci, John Rinella, and Jonathan Foraker receiving their Scholars awards.

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