BN Verdict: To accuse Oleksandr Usyk of playacting is a low blow even more painful than the one in round five

Last night in Wroclaw, Poland, heavyweight boxers Oleksandr Usyk and Daniel Dubois were knocked down in the ring. However, their reactions to the punches they received have sparked controversy and debate among viewers. Some argue that Dubois exaggerated his reaction in round nine, while Usyk sat down after a punch in round five that may not have been low enough to justify his response. In today’s society, every incident in a boxing ring is scrutinized and debated, often unnecessarily. This kind of post-event reaction is not exclusive to boxing but is especially problematic when it comes to analyzing fighters’ reactions to punches. Only the boxers themselves truly know how a blow felt or how it landed. In the case of Usyk and Dubois, people have taken images and moments out of context to support their arguments. These reactions are driven by the importance placed on non-athletes’ opinions and online influencers. However, they fail to consider factors such as the flow of the fight, the referee’s instructions, and the boxers’ toughness. This has resulted in accusations and calls for rematches based on misleading information. It is important to view incidents in context and not judge them too harshly. Usyk’s jab, for example, may have seemed incongruous as the fight-ending punch, but when considering its speed and power, as well as Dubois’ fatigue and lack of ideas, its impact becomes clearer. Accusing Dubois of quitting or Usyk of overreacting is unfair without experiencing the physical and mental challenges they face in the ring. Ultimately, it is essential to avoid creating unnecessary controversy and look beyond isolated incidents to understand the dynamics of a boxing match.

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