Battling lows, revenge tours, and winning suspicions

G2 Esports, renowned leaders in the Rocket League scene, have had an eventful history punctuated with “what if” and “nearly” moments. Despite frequently being hailed as the world’s top team, the World Championship trophy has persistently eluded them. Their numerous close calls could have shattered the resolve of other teams and players, but G2 Esports, fortified by their ethos of loyalty and tenacity, have remained unshakeable. Six years after the enlistment of their key player Jacob “JKnaps” Knapman, they continue to feature prominently in the RLCS standings.

Now, following a somewhat hindered season, G2 Esports has regained its typical flair. As they bear down on another championship opportunity, they hope that the gut-wrenching experiences of previous close shaves will catapult them into the top spot. Their eyes are set on finally clinching the trophy that they indisputably deserve.

G2 Esports speak on leveraging setbacks as stepping stones to becoming Champions

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The 2022-23 season commenced modestly for the already-established G2 Esports, especially when compared with the prior season, which saw them clench the Major and suffer a heart-wrenching loss at the Worlds Grand Final. The team managed to claw their way into the Worlds Qualification slots during the season’s eleventh hour, picking up momentum in the season’s last split. They endured the heartbreak from the previous season and adapted their strategies to fit a more team-centric meta, which the rest of the world was aligning with.

Now, after breezing through the Wildcard Stage and the Groups, they’ve secured a minimum top-eight finish. Using their past failures as a fuel to spur maximum effort, they aim for nothing short of success.

Chicago and I have always passionately believed in maintaining a roster throughout the highs and lows. This mentality will be key for our team in leveraging past disappointments to start fresh in tournaments, just like we’re doing this year, with the hope of making significant strides,” JKnaps shared in a GGRecon press conference.

Head Coach Mathew “Satthew” Ackerman expressed similar sentiments. He commended the team’s unity in mid of talks about North America being complacent.

Achieving success with a new player is one thing, but persevering through dark times is a completely different achievement. That’s the target of the tournament,” he added.

The disappointments they want to overcome are more recent than one might think.

G2’s motivation isn’t only driven by the slim defeat in Season 7 or their last Worlds Grand Final performance. According to Reed “Chicago” Wilen, it comes down to individual games, where even a single loss pushes them to regroup and refocus.

The loss against Gen.G left us extremely frustrated because we knew we could have performed better,” he admitted.

However, they quickly bounced back in their game against Moist, as they easily dominated the energetic European team.

We were aware that Moist was faring well, especially with their impressive performance against FaZe. Knowing this, we believed in our abilities and played our game to defeat them. I believe we executed our strategy flawlessly.

JKnaps, revisiting his personal motivations after seven years, stated, “The motivation comes from losing. The rough year we’ve had has been a significant factor in urging us to finish strong at this final tournament and prove ourselves and everyone else wrong,.”

G2 Esports await a rematch against BDS

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BDS was the last team to inflict the painful defeat on G2 at Worlds 22. The bitter memory is still fresh for G2, who now prepare for the Quarterfinals rematch.

We’re eager to settle scores from the last Worlds. We always hold a grudge against teams we believe we shouldn’t have lost to,” JKnaps shared.

Chicago also looked forward to the rematch, stating, “I’m ecstatic about the potential rematch and the chance to reclaim what they took from us. If we display our true potential and win, it will give us a tremendous boost for the rest of the tournament,.”

While they aren’t meeting in the Grand Final, this heavyweight bout can potentially shape the tournament due to the inter-regional rivalry. Representing not only their own colors but also the pride of North America, G2 stands resilient against the French revolution.

G2 Esports’ organizational superstitions offer hope for RLCS Worlds victory

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This time, G2 Esports might be banking on more than their form, as the entire organization’s synchrony seems to be favoring them.

I recall when we won the Winter Major in LA, three other G2 teams were victorious too. It almost seems like history is repeating itself. I’m all for it.

Even JKnaps acknowledges these superstitions, sharing that the organization bagged championships during their Grand Finals appearances in the past.

During our second-place finish in season seven, our fellow G2 team secured the Mid-Season Invitational for League of Legends. Seeing other G2 teams winning has always boosted our morale. It’s undoubtedly motivating, knowing that we too can make the organization proud.

Whether these superstitions will prove powerful enough against Team BDS’ Finlay “rise.” Ferguson is yet to be seen.

As the in-game clashes escalate, similar contests will be happening in the spiritual realm, each hoping to lead these teams closer to their ultimate goal.

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