Baldur’s Gate 3 will get crossplay between PC and console

Since the launch of Baldur’s Gate 3 on August 3, players have been on a thrilling journey across Faerûn. The multiplayer base of BG3 is now set to expand dramatically.

The official announcement from Larian Studios asserts that crossplay will soon be implemented into BG3. As a result, players hailing from PC, PS5, and Xbox (upon its release on that platform) will be able to form a team together.

Today, Larian Studios’ Director of Publishing, Michael Douse, revealed in an interview with Eurogamer that crossplay for BG3 was always in the pipeline, but they were aware that its implementation wouldn’t coincide with the game’s launch. Douse refrained from specifying the date of the crossplay patch release, saying that though it was “in the roadmap,” they want to be certain before making any announcements.

With the recent release of BG3’s PS5 version, it’s understandable why Larian Studios is keen on notifying players about the impending crossplay. The multiplayer feature is integral to BG3, providing players the chance to complete the entire game from start to finish alongside their friends, akin to an elaborate Dungeons & Dragons campaign.

Xbox users, who are eagerly awaiting their opportunity to experience BG3 on their preferred console, will also welcome this feature. The game is expected to be available on the Microsoft platform by year-end.

The upcoming crossplay patch will undoubtedly make it even simpler for friends to team up and undertake a campaign in BG3 jointly.

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