Arslan Wins Tekken World Tour Finals 2023

The Tekken World Tour Finals 2023, a significant occasion in fighting game esports, took place this past weekend. But this wasn’t merely the closing event for a year-long sequence of competitive Tekken events; it was also the culmination of competitive Tekken 7. So what transpired at the 2023 Tekken World Tour Finals with so much at stake?

The tournament has concluded, and we now have our final champion of the game—Arslan Ash, who triumphed in Tekken 7. Arslan Ash, from Pakistan, has proven himself to be the top Tekken player currently active. Even as we inch toward the Tekken 8 release, this latest tournament demonstrated how influential Tekken 7 has been on competitive gaming. Here is an account of what happened.

Arslan Ash - Tekken World Tour 2023 Finals

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Arslan Ash: The Tekken World Tour 2023 Victor

The Tekken World Tour 2023 reached its climax this past weekend. After a series of tournaments over the past year, the top players converged for a series of one-on-one matches to crown the top Tekken 7 player. Among the final 20 contenders were several standout players. Arslan Ash had a phenomenal start in the group stage, winning all of his matches—only Lowhigh was able to match this feat.

For the final bracket, the first match had ULSAN pitted against CBM. ULSAN effortlessly walked away with a victory, scoring 2-0. The second match was a face-off between the two leading players. Arslan Ash clearly emerged as the prospective winner of the Tekken World Tour’s winners’ final, where he locked horns with ILSAN. It was one of the tightest matches yet, but ultimately, Arslan Ash rose to the occasion and secured his place in the grand finale.

But who was his opponent in this final showdown? After getting eliminated in the first winners’ bracket match, CBM made a triumphant return via the losers’ bracket. He beat AO, LowHigh, and ultimately ULSAN in a rematch, successfully reaching the final. The stage was set for a riveting match.

The Grand Finale

At the very last round of the Tekken World Tour Finals 2023, Arslan off to an impressive start, taking the first round. However, he lost the second set to CBM’s Noctis. From that point onward, things were tense. Arslan Ash just managed to clinch the next two rounds with 3-2 scores.

Arslan Ash emerged as the winner of Tekken 7’s final Tekken World Tour. He will now enter the new game as one of the players to keep an eye on and his victory will likely be remembered as Tekken 7 gameplay’s pinnacle.

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Preview of Tekken World Tour Finals

January tends to be a quieter period for many games as far as tournaments are concerned. But it’s a different story for fighting games. The beginning of the year is when many significant challenges hold their finals to find each year’s top player. One such event is the Tekken World Tour Finals 2023, which is happening this weekend.

As Tekken gears up for its newest addition, Tekken 8, the final tournament for Tekken 7 is about to happen. It’s an annual affair, with the leading players from 2023 participating. We are about to witness the crowning of Tekken 7’s final champion as a competitive fighting game. Furthermore, there’s a $100,000 prize pool at stake. Here is what to anticipate from the event and how it will unfold.

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Tekken World Tour Finals 2023 Overview

The Tekken World Tour is a year-round circuit, with players battling it out to secure a place in these finals. Top players worldwide earned their spots through fierce competition, and they will participate in a two-day event filled with head-to-head showdowns. The action is set to take place in New Orleans on January 13-14.

Of the 20 contenders, 19 secured their places by ranking highly on the Tekken World Tour Leaderboard. The final player made it to the finals by winning the Last Chance Qualifier. So, who are the top players to watch in the Tekken World Tour Finals?

Main Contenders at Tekken World Tour Finals 2023

Arslan Ash

Undoubtedly, the Tekken World Tour player to watch is Arslan Ash. A four-time EVO champion, including in 2023, Arslan is also currently reigning at the top of the 2023 leaderboard. While upsets are always possible, Arslan is undoubtedly favored to win the tournament.


Ulsan, a South Korean player, has attracted attention for his strong performances leading up to the Tekken World Tour Finals 2023. Just before the finals, he triumphed at the AfreecaTV Tekken League Grand Finals and claimed second place on the World Tour’s overall leaderboard.


Another Korean player, Jeondding, deserves a special mention at the TWT 2023 Finals. After winning at CEO 2023 and VSFighting XI and clinching the runner-up spot at the previous year’s TWT, it appears that this could be the year he ascends to the TWT champion’s throne.

Keep your eyes peeled for these players at the Tekken World Tour Finals 2023. Don’t forget to tune in to the live stream to witness this two-day, exciting tournament and find out who takes home the victory.

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