Armored Core 6: What are stagger and impact in AC6?

FromSoftware, a well-known developer, has disclosed a wealth of details relating to the up-and-coming mech action RPG, Armored Core 6. The aim of these revelations is to highlight some of the new features in the game, ahead of its impending launch. Chief among these features is the much-anticipated impact bar, linked to the game’s fresh stagger system, which has sparked a lot of interest among fans.

Understanding ‘stagger’ in Armored Core 6

In Armored Core 6, a mech combat game, players can employ a variety of methods to fly, evade, and engage adversaries. Understanding how to properly use the impact bar to stagger enemies is key to consistently coming out on top in these battles.

Stagger your enemy. Image via VaatiVidya on Youtube

The process referred to as ‘staggering’ involves striking enemies until you stun them. This immobilisation leaves the player free to initiate further attacks, possibly inflicting critical damage, similar to other Fromsoft games.

How to achieve a ‘stagger’ in Armored Core 6 by utilising the impact bar

The introduction of a specific impact bar for adversaries in the forthcoming release aids players in determining their proximity to staggering their foe. As is the case with other FromSoft games, players need to consistently assault enemies with rapid-fire attacks.

This time around, the system is more like the one used in the developer’s action RPG, Sekiro. Similar to the posture bar in Sekiro, the yellow impact bar located above the enemy’s health bar grows with each hit taken. Once the bar turns red, the enemy is reduced to a staggered condition for a brief period, rendering them susceptible to subsequent attacks.

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The speed of filling up the enemy’s impact bar is contingent upon the player’s weaponry and gear. Guns and items that pack a heavier punch require fewer hits to disrupt an opponent’s balance, while lighter or rapid-firing weapons can hasten the stagger process. There are also weapons equipped with specific buffs or add-ons that can inflict further damage on both the enemies and their impact bar.

How effortless is it to ‘stagger’ in Armored Core 6?

Armored Core 6 simplifies the stagger process as compared to other FromSoftware games by enabling a slower recovery of enemy bars, even when the player pauses their attack momentarily or if their attack is disrupted. Consequently, it becomes easier to stagger enemies, thereby promoting a more aggressive combat style.

Proximity to the enemy also impacts the ability to stagger them. Attacks tend to have a more pronounced and consistent effect when enemies are closer, while enemies at a greater distance can regain their posture more swiftly.

Given that Armored Core 6 is set to be another tough RPG offering from FromSoftware and Bandai Namco, it’s beneficial for players to be aware of the varying mechanics available, including the stagger system, which can help tip the balance in combat engagements.

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