Are AFC Richmond in Ultimate Team for FIFA 23?

FIFA 23’s vast team and league selection allow countless players from around the world to feel included. Players get to take their local teams to great heights and they can also create their dream squads in FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT).

While soccer needs no introduction in most parts of the world, it has gotten a decent popularity boost thanks to Apple’s Ted Lasso. The show featuring an American football coach trying to lead a soccer team in the U.K. was an instant hit, averaging an 8.8 rating on IMDB.

Not only did Ted Lasso and the members of AFC Richmond capture the hearts of many soccer fans, but they also introduced many others to the sport. Closer to FIFA 23’s release, the official Ted Lasso and FIFA Twitter accounts had a brief interaction on the website, causing fans to wonder whether Ted Lasso was going to be featured in FIFA 23.

Can you use AFC Richmond in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team?

No, you can’t use AFC Richmond players in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team. Ted Lasso and AFC Richmond are playable in FIFA 23, but not in FUT.

Despite the absence of AFC Richmond players in FUT, there are Ted Lasso cosmetics available in the game mode. Ted Lasso himself is available in the form of a manager card alongside Coach Beard. An AFC Richmond badge, TIFO, and kit are also available in FUT, allowing players to turn their squads into a replica.

If you’re looking to play as AFC Richmond with all of its players from the show, you can do so in Online Friendlies, Kick-Off, and Career Mode.

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