Americas RMR round 3 matchups set

The beginning stages of the Americas RMR have almost finished with 00NATION taking down Isurus to keep their head above water, placing them in the 1-1 pool. 00NATION will join Counter-Strike teams like Imperial, O PLANO, and FURIA in the 1-1 bracket. 

Most of the CS:GO heavy hitters have proven their worth, with Team Liquid and Complexity making it into the 2-0 group.

The upcoming matches for the teams in the 2-0 and the 0-2 groups are best of three games. With the winners of the 2-0 groups qualifying for the IEM Rio Major 2022, and unfortunately, for the losers of the 0-2 groups, a loss would result in being eliminated from the tournament.

Teams in the 0-2 groups still have a chance to battle their way through the trenches to get to that fortunate 3-2 spot, thus qualifying for the upcoming Rio Major.

Here’s the Schedule for the upcoming matches starting Oct. 6 

1-1 Pool – BO1

  • 6:30 am CT – MIBR vs. ATK
  • 6:30 am CT – Nouns vs. paiN
  • 7:45 am CT – Imperial vs. 00NATION
  • 7:45 am CT – O PLANO vs. FURIA

2-0 Pool BO3

  • 9:00 am CT – Complexity vs. Team Liquid
  • 9:00 am CT – Evil Geniuses vs. 9z

0-2 Pool BO3 

  • 12:30 pm CT – Isurus vs. Arctic 
  • 12:30 pm CT – TeamOne vs. Infinity 

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