Alliance esports logo and rebrand unite East and West

“Alliance: A safe haven for enthusiastic individuals.”

Alliance, an esports entity, has disclosed its rebranding and new logo. Keep reading for more insight into the Alliance esports logo redesign.

The new look and logo of Alliance esports (Image via Alliance)

Alliance’s new logo

On collaborating with Kurppa Hosk, a branding agency, Alliance proclaimed its new branding and logo. The company says the new look symbolizes a connection between the East and the West. Alliance, notorious for its participation in Dota 2, StarCraft 2, League of Legends, Hearthstone, Valorant, Apex Legends among others over time, enjoys a global fanbase.

“As Alliance has grown from a Swedish base to encompass teams globally, it’s time for a fresh start,” the announcement conveyed, in addition mentioning that the redesigned logo marks a new age.

“Following our split from Twitch in 2016 and returning to our Swedish roots as a player-owned entity, we adopted the color Green, crafted a unique shield, and embarked on a quest to regain our stature in the esports space,” contained in the statement from the organization.

Alliance’s updated logo (Image via Alliance)

Interpreting the new Alliance Esports logo

The newly designed logo of Alliance resembles the Chinese character “人”, which signifies person or people. As told by someone from the Alliance team, the symbol represents people, flame, a top covering, or a bridge. It represents “the multicultural, long-standing ethos of our organization.” Hence, “Alliance denotes [A] residence for enthusiastic individuals.”

Alliance’s cartoon character mascot Rattio (Image via Alliance)

Rattio, the Alliance esports mascot

Additionally, the entity boasts Rattio, a rat, as its mascot. As per the proclamation, the rat Rattio represents the organic aspect of Alliance. “Adopting the term “rats”, initially a slag, has now transformed into one of our defining elements,” the statement from Alliance furthered.

The esports team furthered by stating that Rattio, their mascot, is a symbol of resilience, determination, and perseverance.

The introduction of Alliance’s new brand identity will gradually occur over the subsequent weeks.

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