ALGS Regional Finals suspended after ALGS hack

The ALGS event faced a severe hacking issue.

A significant hacking incident disrupted the North America ALGS Regional Finals. The resultant ‘ALGS Hack’, led by a hacker named Destroyer, led to the breach of several prominent player accounts.

In the history of the ALGS, this is a first, resulting in the suspension of the Regional Finals.

The ALGS compromise furnishes Apex cheats to Genburten and ImperialHal

This significant hacking incident is one of the most disruptive events ALGS has witnessed. A hacker compromised the accounts of both Genburten and subsequently ImperialHal.

During the day’s third game, Genburten’s account got hacked. The perpetrator could see all the enemies through the wall, took over the in-game chat, and messed with his aim. This incident forced Genburten to abort the game.

Surprisingly, his DarkZero teammates managed to secure second place as a duo, meaning they are in a good position to clinch the ALGS Regional Finals. The tournament continued into the fourth game, with DarkZero leading the scoreboard.

(Photo EA/Joe Brady

However, the ALGS hacker striked again. This time, ImperialHal was the victim. The hacker bestowed him an aimbot during the game that eventually led to its discontinuation.

Proof surfaced show Zaptoh’s demise by ALGS hack

Though it was understood that Genburen’s hacks didn’t result in any kill, emerging proof suggests that E8 Zaptoh was killed from afar. While it felt like Genburten locked and killed the target, further analysis shows his arrow going off-screen and over the map.

This situation makes it likely for ALGS to nullify Game 3.

The Next Course of Action?

The ALGS authorities announced the Regional Finals’ suspension due to the hacking incident. It implies these finals must occur at some future date. Whether any played games will be retained or the event will begin anew remains uncertain.

Such a hacking incident disrupting the ALGS is unheard of, marking an unparalleled moment in the esport’s annals.

As more information surfaces, keep a lookout for updates on this developing story.

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