Afghanistan Women’s Cricket Team Combat Taliban Rule Through eSports Series

Chicago, IL, October 03, 2022 –(– today announced that they have created an accurate esports squad for the Afghanistan women’s cricket team ahead of the upcoming 2022 Women’s Twenty20 Asia Cup. The team has been created via the Cricket22 video game and is downloadable for anyone who owns the game. The site will play esports matches between virtual versions of the actual Afghanistan women’s squad roster and all seven teams participating in the 2022 Women’s T20 Asia Cup.

“Since the Taliban won’t let its women’s cricket stars play, and the ICC isn’t stepping in, we decided we’d give them the platform they deserve online,” says Joe Deez, head writer at the website. “Somehow, the ICC requires a female squad for membership status yet the Afghanistan men’s team continues to thrive without punishment. That’s not fair.”

Features and benefits of the esports event include:

– Awareness of the violations by the International Cricket Council on behalf of the
– A way to celebrate brave and idealistic female athletes all over the world.
– An opportunity for those who are forced into silence to have a voice again.

The esports series will be available to watch on the company’s website and YouTube starting Friday, October 1st. The organization hopes to make more people aware of the unfair treatment thrust upon female athletes in Afghanistan and across the globe. For more information on the esports event or to download the virtual squad visit


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