5 times Andrew Tate got into beef with popular streamers in 2023

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American-British social media star and contentious figure Andrew Tate is consistently the subject of headlines for his problematic takes and interactions with other internet celebrities. Being one of the biggest proponents of the “masculinity” movement online, Tate has been in the line of fire for alleged misogynistic statements in the past. On the other side, he has been in many heated exchanges with the likes of N3on, Jon Zherka, and even xQc.

This article explores the various interactions he has had with popular streamers that have taken a turn for the worse.

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5 times Andrew Tate has had beef with streamers in 2023

1) N3on hits back after Andrew Tate calls him a loser

Andrew Tate and Rangesh “N3on” have had a history with each other, with Adin introducing them to one another. After N3on was bullied and harassed by masked men, Andrew Tate offered him training if he were to come to Romania.

However, in September 2023, the famous red-pill movement proponent criticized N3on for collaborating with OnlyF**s models, calling him a loser and stating that neither has talent:

“OnlyF**s girls need attention to sell their OnlyF**s. And, losers need attention to sell their stream. And, none of them have any talent!.. None of them have anything to teach you. Birds of a feather flocked together.”

This caused N3on to retaliate, stating that Andrew “has cam girls” as well as calling him a “refugee”:

“You’re saying I was promoting OF girls… He’s right! It was a very f**ked up situation. But, Tate, you really have cam girls, bro! You want to f***king go there?…You f**king refugee. You piece of s**t! I don’t care, bro.”

2) Jon Zherka

Andrew Tate went onto George Janko’s podcast as a guest and addressed all those content creators who had tried to copy his red pill content, particularly calling the now Kick perma-banned streamer Jon Zherka a “clown”:

“I think they’re all different people. I don’t pay attention to any of them. I don’t want to insult anybody, I don’t want to talk negatively about anything. Zherka is a clown. I mean, I’m just trying to be honest.”

Jon Zherka was not happy about the comment and stated that Andrew Tate was allegedly rejected from a podcast called Fresh & Fit and actually “wants to be the player that gets all the girls like Zherka”:

“I was so pissed that I’m like, ‘Whoa, his one good joke that he prepared.’… The difference from Zherka and Andrew Tate is – this guy, for four months, would get rejected by Fresh Fit Girls. Hit the pop off till they stopped responding to him. I saw the DMs. But, Zherka just went in, f**king took all the b**ches. So, in his head, he wants to be the player that gets all the girls like Zherka.”

3) Scolding Adin Ross

In September 2023, after Adin Ross brought up the prospect of introducing a new friend to Andrew Tate, he went off at Adin for presenting his peculiar friends to Andrew, particularly targeting Félix “xQc”. Andrew stated that xQc was in an “autistic rage”:

“xQc, who seemed nice enough, but he screamed in autistic rage all day long.”

Further, he called N3on “McLovin”, a reference to the character played by Christopher Mintz-Plasse in the movie Superbad. This was while Tate and Adin were talking about the event when N3on was ambushed by the masked men:

“Some kid, some McLovin kid who got beat up like a week later. Who else is there?”

4) TrueGeordie

In an interesting matchup, Andrew Tate and Connor McGregor seemed to join forces to call out Twitch streamer and YouTuber Brian “TrueGeordie”. Andrew Tate and Brian have had a rocky past after Brian made an Islamophobic joke in November 2022 concerning Andrew’s faith.

Connor’s callout came as a response to Brian making a comparison between Conor McGregor and Paul Gascoigne, a former footballer who faced issues with substance abuse. Connor went on a strong-worded rant in a now-deleted audio on X:

“You fat f**k! You little feminine p*ssy of a thing. I f**k p*ssy, yeah. Who the f**k are you? You little burns victim-looking thing. F**k me, man, who scolded you with a kettle? Keep my name out your mouth you stupid c**t. I’m, sick of seeing your fat, burnt face. Fat estrogen head.”

On the other hand, Andrew posted a meme showcasing him and Connor joining forces against the content creator:

Andrew posted a meme against the content creator (Image via Cobratate/Twitter)

5) Criticizing Adin Ross for his relapse

In September 2023, Adin Ross talked about how he binge drank lean when he was afflicted with COVID-19 while stating that the drug was causing aversive reactions to his physical health. Adin stated:

“I won’t lie to you guys when I was sick with COVID-19, I picked up a pint straight up, and I poured up. I should not have done that, I did that for back-to-back days, and um, that would explain the face chub, the swollenness of my face.”

Andrew Tate, who had previously assumed a mentor-like role for Adin, was disappointed with him and condemned him on a podcast for his relapse. Andrew went on a long-winded rant, criticizing him by calling him a “coward” and a “clown”:

“If he took actual risk and told the world about how it feels to be afraid. How it feels to be brave… So, because he’s afraid and he’s a coward, what else can you do but be a clown? What do clowns do? They self-depreciate for your entertainment. They make a fool of themselves, so you laugh. So, why is he back on lean? For views, I guess. He may not even realize himself! And, that’s why he’s back on lean! He’s back on lean so that he has something to talk on his f**king stupid show!”

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