Was O’Shaquie Foster robbed of his WBC title against Robson Conceicao?

Round 1

Foster displayed nifty footwork to evade Conceicao’s punches and landed a good left hook. Conceicao struggled to cut off the ring as Foster danced away, leaving him lunging in vain.

Score: 10-9 Foster

Round 2

Conceicao landed a clubbing left, but Foster retaliated with jabs and a right to the head. Foster had a slight edge in a close round by connecting with jabs to the head and body while dodging Conceicao’s long rights.

Score: 10-9 Foster (Foster 20-18)

Round 3

Conceicao intensified his pace, landing body punches and doing a better job of cutting off the ring. Foster was off target with his jabs as Conceicao came forward, throwing punches to the body. Foster hardly threw any punches in this round.

Score: 10-9 Conceicao (Foster 29-28)

Round 4

Conceicao continued to lunge forward with his jab, landing a right to the head. Foster was in defensive mode, evading Conceicao’s punches but not countering effectively. Towards the end of the round, Foster began to score with a flurry of punches.

Score: 10-9 Foster (Foster 39-37)

Official Scores after four rounds: Judge Tony Lundy 38-38, Judge Ron McNair 39-37 to Foster, Judge Paul Wallace 39-37 to Conceicao.

O’Shaquie Foster (Ed Mulholland/Matchroom)

Round 5

Conceicao, though crude, displayed strength and managed to connect with his jab and hard rights. Both fighters traded punches, with Conceicao landing a few significant shots.

Score: 10-9 Conceicao (Foster 48-47)

Round 6

Foster utilized his hand speed to land quick, lighter punches while countering Conceicao’s advances. Foster had a slight edge in this round by scoring with accurate punches.

Score: 10-9 Foster (Foster 58-56)

Round 7

Foster evaded Conceicao’s punches with ease and landed shorter, more accurate punches. He stepped inside with precision to counter Conceicao’s long range punches.

Score: 10-9 Foster (Foster 68-65)

Round 8

Conceicao continued to throw long jabs, while Foster circled him, landing quick shots. Foster maintained his accuracy, scoring with lighter punches throughout the round.

Score: 10-9 Foster (Foster 78-74)

Official Scores: Judge Tony Lundy 78-74 to Conceicao, Judge Ron McNair 77-75 to Foster, Judge Paul Wallace 77-74 to Conceicao.

Round 9

Conceicao advanced aggressively, landing solid punches while Foster struggled to counter effectively. Both fighters ended up with cuts over their right eye after a clash of heads.

Score: 10-9 Conceicao (Foster 87-84)

Round 10

Conceicao pressed Foster to the ropes, unleashing a flurry of body punches. Foster managed to counter effectively, landing jabs and curls around Conceicao’s guard.

Score: 10-9 Foster (Foster 97-93)

Round 11

Conceicao applied constant pressure, scoring with hooks and combinations. Foster struggled to put punches together as Conceicao kept up the offensive.

Score: 10-9 Conceicao (Foster 106-103)

Round 12

Conceicao continued to chase Foster, throwing a barrage of punches and keeping him on the defensive. Foster struggled to find openings as Conceicao dominated this round.

Score: 10-9 Conceicao (Foster 115-113)

Official Scores: Judge Tony Lundy 116-112 to Conceicao, Judge Ron McNair 116-112 to Foster, Judge Paul Wallace 115-113 to Conceicao.

Eric’s analysis: Brazilian Conceicao was determined in his fourth title shot, showcasing his strength and persistence. Foster, despite some criticism, managed to secure a narrow victory in a closely contested bout.

Shakur Stevenson (L) and Robson Conceição (R) exchange punches during their fight at Prudential Center on September 23, 2023 in Newark, New Jersey (Mikey Williams/Top Rank Inc via Getty Images)

Foster was defending his WBC title for the third time, and despite controversy, managed to secure a narrow victory in a hard-fought battle.

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