Upcoming Football Tournaments | November Football Events 2023

Get Ready for the Upcoming Football Matches in November 2023!

With the spooky season behind us and festive holidays upon us, it is the perfect time to take a break from wild parties and place a sports bet or two. Or perhaps even three? November 2023 is jam-packed with upcoming football events and matches we can’t wait to watch and bet on. Also, we are pretty sure even you are ready to stake some money on your favourite clubs and teams, especially with CAF matches. Go, Africa!

The stakes fly higher than ever before with events such as the Champions League, Europa League, and Women’s FA Cup, and don’t get us started on national leagues. Whether you are a die-hard fan of the Bundesliga or can’t resist the call of the EPL upcoming games, 22Bet is always bringing up its A-game with hot odds on all international football events imaginable! Do you want more details? Just keep reading our comprehensive guide to discover the November 2023 events that matter and then some more. Get ready and get informed about the upcoming football events. Something wicked this way comes!

Major Football Fixtures Upcoming in November 2023

We are ready to introduce you to upcoming football events that will keep your heart pumping as if you are the one playing in the stadium! Don’t let the hazy late autumn daze get the best of you, but fill your evenings and days with the fixtures that no real betting fan can resist. After steamy October sports events, the action keeps on going in November, with even more football matches in 2023! Find all the results on 22Bet.

UEFA Europa League

And what about the Europa League? These upcoming football events will sweep you off your feet!

AEK Athens vs Marseille, Thursday 9 November

The ever-tragic Marseille will try to take down the Olympic heroes of Athens. Sounds like a done deal in association football? AEK Athens still has a solid chance to climb the international ladder and leave Les Olympiens in the dust!

West Ham vs Olympiakos, Thursday 9 November

West Ham may be a bigger name, but in their last meeting, Olympiakos proved it has what it takes to take down even the biggest of names. By breaking West Ham’s 17-game winning streak in the world club schedule, it proved once again tides change quickly in football. We are looking forward to checking out the score!

Rating of the Most Striking Events of November 2023

Temperatures might be close to zero, but things are getting quite heated in the world of sports. Count on an abundance of events on an almost daily basis. And we are not talking only about upcoming football events!

In addition to what is arguably the most exciting sport in the world, look forward to the Pacific Games, Women’s Handball World Championships, and ATP Tour Finals (Turin), among other upcoming sports events. Christmas came early this year!

UEFA European Championship Qualifiers

European footballers can’t seem to catch a break with a tightly packed schedule full of important games and friendly matches 2023. With Euro 2024 knocking at our doors, have a look at the most significant matches that will happen in November 2023.

Date Match
Wednesday, 15 November 20:45, Felcsút, Hungary – Israel vs Switzerland
Thursday, 16 November 18:00, Baku, Azerbaijan – Azerbaijan vs Sweden

UEFA Champions League

The Champions League is always a pleasure to watch, so don’t miss out on the most thrilling, adrenaline-inducing games (for both you and the athletes) and the live events football can bring!

Date Match
Tuesday, 7 November 18:45, Dortmund, Germany – Dortmund vs Newcastle
Wednesday, 8 November 21:00, London, UK – Arsenal vs Sevilla

Upcoming football matches

Does even a glance over Premier League fixtures make you shiver with anticipation? Good, because we will discuss the most important upcoming EPL matches, and a couple of others!

Premier League (EPL)

Upcoming events in Nairobi have nothing on the Premier League! And father all about Walsall FC! Keep an eye on the match between Chelsea and Manchester City, as well as on the latter’s meetup with Liverpool. This is not an easy month for The Citizens!

Date Match
Saturday, November 11 16:00, London – Arsenal vs Burnley
Sunday, November 12 17:30, London – Chelsea vs Manchester City

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