Upcoming Football Events in May 2024

As the 2023-2024 football season gradually nears the end, the competitions are hitting their climax. Domestic tournaments in top European countries will end soon and the top-tier Champions League, Europa League, and Conference League are also coming to a close.

Before we start with the international football fixtures in June (Euro 2024), we still have a lot to unravel. There are no friendly matches in 2024 in May, but that does not change anything as we will still see exciting encounters.

We have prepared a comprehensive overview of upcoming sports events in May. Without further ado, make sure to check the top matches and don’t forget to pick the best selections and place stakes at 22Bet.

Major Football Fixtures Upcoming in May 2024

We have already concluded April Sport Events and there were plenty of interesting matches. Below you will be able to explore football-themed events as well as get an idea about the upcoming football events.

UEFA Champions League

The Champions League semi-finals are already up for grabs. We will see four teams competing for the ultimate title. Dortmund, PSG, Bayern, and Real Madrid are the ones you can follow. Make sure to check the upcoming predictions and reviews below:

Real Madrid vs Bayern

The clash between Real and Bayern has become an all-time classic. While Bayern have had a difficult season and surrendered the championship title in the Bundesliga, Thomas Tuchel knows how to win trophies in the Champions League, making this a match to follow.

Real Madrid might seem the heavy favorites at first glance but Bayern won’t give up easily. Depending on how the first leg ends, we will see who has the best chances to progress. Harry Kane is still on his way to get his first club trophy in his career. On the other hand, Real Madrid will be looking to extend their record as Champions League champions. This game could go both ways, being one of the most anticipated games of the season.

PSG vs Dortmund

Kylian Mbappé will probably leave PSG at the end of the season and even the President of France won’t be able to persuade him to stay. Therefore, it is his last chance to leave a legacy that no one can match in Paris.

Numerous experts and analysts expected a different pair during this stage. However, both PSG and Dortmund managed to beat their counterparts. The second leg will be the most important one and we will see how Mbappé and Co. will deal with their opponents.

It is not yet clear what will be the initial lineup for these teams in the second leg. Nevertheless, I don’t think that we will have everything clarified in the first match between these sides. However, PSG has a slight advantage.

UEFA Europa League

The second top-tier tournament in Europe also deserves attention. The winner of the competition will automatically qualify for a spot in the Champions League. Currently, we have Leverkusen, Roma, Marseille, and Atalanta remaining in contention. Here is the upcoming prediction and tips for each match.

Roma vs Leverkusen

Under Daniele De Rossi Roma managed to bounce back and they are one of the main contenders to qualify for a Champions League spot. Doing it against Leverkusen will be a tough task, as the German side has not lost for 46 matches in a row. They were able to score in the last minutes, making them capable of advancing to the final – even against the much-improved Romans.

Marseille vs Atalanta

Both Marseille and Atalanta have slim chances of qualifying for the Champions League directly from their domestic competitions. Hence, it will be a great opportunity to get in the final and tackle their opponents.

Marseille has more European experience compared to Atalanta. However, the Bergamasci defeated Liverpool in two matches, and they will have loads of motivation in this encounter. Chances seem to be 50/50 in this matchup.

Conference League

The third top-tier competition is the Conference League. We have four different teams in terms of style and gameplay. Aston Villa, Olympiacos, Fiorentina, and Brugge remain contenders to clinch the ultimate title. Don’t miss the upcoming football predictions for these games below.

Aston Villa vs Olympiacos

Aston Villa has a rare opportunity to qualify for the Champions League with their fourth place in the Premier League. Under Unai Emery, a specialist in the Europa League, they will be looking forward to more. I expect the Lions to have an upper edge in this pair.

Fiorentina vs Brugge

Fiorentina, alongside Aston Villa, could be one of the main title contenders. They lost the final in the previous year against West Ham and will be determined to seek revenge. Against Brugge, they are clear favorites. Nico Gonzalez and Jonathan Ikone can pose a real threat against the Belgian side. Expect a fairy performance from the Italians in this match.

Upcoming Football Matches

We have already listed the main remaining tournaments, but there are top European leagues left as well. Make sure that you have a look at the competitions below in more detail.


The winner of the Premier League has not been decided yet. After a series of failures, Liverpool has little chance of winning the title, meaning Arsenal and City are the main competitors. The Gunners have a difficult calendar, and Mikel Arteta’s side must do whatever it takes to clinch the trophy. Here are the main upcoming EPL games in May:

May 5

  • Liverpool vs Tottenham – 18:30

May 12

  • Manchester United vs Arsenal – 18:30

May 13

  • Aston Villa vs Liverpool – 22:00


In the list of football tournaments revolving around Europe, LaLiga has a special place. Real Madrid will definitely become the champions considering their lead to Girona and Barcelona, but they will still try to get the most points. Don’t forget to follow these games:

May 4

  • Girona vs Barcelona – 19:30

May 13

  • Barcelona vs Real Sociedad – 22:00

May 16

  • Real Sociedad vs Valencia – 23:00

Ligue 1

Once again, PSG has managed to win the title in France. Here are the main live events and football matches you need to take into account for May.

May 6

  • Lille vs Lyon – 22:00

May 15

May 19

  • Lyon vs Strasbourg – 22:00

Serie A

On one of the rarest occasions, Inter managed to beat Milan and win the Scudetto. They had a fanatics performance throughout the whole season, and what remains to be decided is the spot for European competitors. Here is a list of football prediction and tips:

May 5

  • Roma vs Juventus – 21:45

May 12

  • Atalanta vs Roma – 21:45

May 19

  • Fiorentina vs Napoli – TBD


2024 in association football has been a perfect year due to Bayer Leverkusen. Under Xabi Alonso, they have done the impossible – not losing a single game during this campaign.

As everything has been decided already, the only thing remaining is the list of the Champions League participants. Here are the most interesting matches remaining for the upcoming May.

May 4

  • Stuttgart vs Bayern – 16:30

May 11

  • Gladbach vs Eintracht – 16:30

May 18

  • Stuttgart vs Gladbach – 16:30


What are the biggest sports events in May 2024?

The biggest events in May 2024 will be the matches in the Champions League and Europa League. Also, there are two major upcoming EPL games, which could determine the winner of the trophy. It will feature Tottenham on both occasions against Man City and Arsenal.

What is the major football event in May 2024?

On the football events calendar, the major events will undoubtedly be the NBA playoffs and Champions League knockouts. Don’t forget to follow each encounter in more detail.

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