The time for questions is over as Barrios looks ahead

Many fighters admit that they prefer to let their fists do the talking in the ring, but media rounds are a necessary part of the job.

During fight week, shunning the mic and tape recorder is not an option as hyperbole and excitement are needed to sell the spectacle.

Mario Barrios aims to stay mentally and physically focused as he rejuvenates his career after back-to-back defeats.

Discussing his opponent, Fabian Maidana, is just as challenging for Barrios as facing tough opponents like Gervonta Davis and Keith Thurman.

Barrios, despite disliking being in front of cameras, understands that it is part of the business.

He is more comfortable discussing his life in the welterweight division and is relieved that the days of extreme weight cuts are behind him.

As the younger brother of Marcos Maidana, Barrios has gathered enough information to prepare for Fabian.

With coach Bob Santos back in the spotlight, Barrios is focusing on returning to winning ways with tried and tested methods.

Mario Barrios

Keeping an eye on potential future opponents while preparing for Maidana, Barrios is focused on continuing his winning streak.

Despite his dislike for interviews, Barrios acknowledges the benefits of the exposure and platform it provides for his career.

Ultimately, he will continue to handle fight week obligations with a positive attitude.

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