The Hard Hours: Liam Davies has dedicated his life to boxing and now he wants the rewards

Liam Davies’ career continues to soar as he retained his unbeaten record with a second round stoppage win over Erik Robles on March 16. This victory also earned him the IBO strap. In an interview with Boxing News, Davies shared his thoughts on deserving a big fight, dealing with the loss of his grandfather, and the support of his parents.

BN: How do you feel after the win against Erik Robles?

LD: I’m extremely happy with the win and excited to keep the momentum going. I believe I deserve a big fight now.

BN: Did you anticipate the fight ending early during your camp for the Robles fight?

LD: I always prepare for a tough fight, but I knew I had the strength to finish it early if I landed clean shots.

BN: Your recent fights have ended quickly. What’s been the key to your success?

LD: Dedication to training, maintaining a proper diet, and putting in the hard work in the gym have been crucial factors in my recent victories.

BN: Are you feeling on top of the world?

LD: While I’m happy with my progress, I feel there’s more to achieve. I’m looking for bigger opportunities and challenges.

BN: Have there been discussions about your participation in the Five vs. Five event?

LD: There haven’t been any discussions yet, but I’m open to it if it’s a significant opportunity. I’m looking for meaningful fights with big names.

BN: Are you interested in fighting Dennis McCann?

LD: I’m open to the fight, but it has to make sense financially. I believe it could be a good match-up.

BN: How do you feel about holding the IBO title?

LD: While it may not be one of the major belts, it still makes me a world champion. I’m aiming for one of the main four belts next.

BN: When can we expect to see you in the ring again?

LD: I’m discussing potential fights with my team. I’m looking for significant opponents like Nonito Donaire or titles like an eliminator.

BN: How do you cope with the loss of your grandfather?

LD: It’s a pain that will always be with me. Boxing helps me focus and move forward. My parents and grandfather have shaped who I am today.

BN: How do your parents feel about your success?

LD: My dad is a big support and has been guiding me through this journey. My mum has been through tough times, but she’s overjoyed with my achievements.

BN: Predictions for Inoue v Nery?

LD: I see Inoue stopping Nery in six rounds. Nery is vulnerable to body shots and I believe Inoue will capitalize on that weakness.

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