The Evolution of Football Simulators

Let’s learn what great football games of the past looked like, from Atari to Pro Evolution Soccer.

By 2024, EA Sports FC’s legendary FIFA football simulation games had monopolized the entire market. The once-popular PES simulation couldn’t stand the heat. It seems like EA Sports FC will be with us for a long time. Let’s forget about the gloomy future of Big Brother and look back. With 22bet we will return to the glorious past with developers inventing digital football games, experimenting, and having fun.

Video streams produced by contemporary football game simulations, particularly EA Sports FC, can easily be confused with actual HD TV broadcasts: The technology has gone that far. The gameplay may still lack realism due to the arcade component. There can be weird scripts and epic bugs. However, football simulation games are already close to being ideal, especially when it comes to Electronic Arts’s cooperation with licensed clubs. The players’ depiction is very realistic, and every unique movement is digitalized, including their signature gestures and even tics.

However, the first football video games were not even remotely close to the fantastic machinery we enjoy now. Let’s take a journey into the glorious past.

Ping Pong Instead of Football

The first football game was probably the long-forgotten Binatone TV Master MK IV console. You could play tennis, squash, or football. Each version was based on a legendary old-school antique by Atari, known as Pong.

The gameplay was almost similar when choosing football over tennis. Instead of a single racquet line, there was an extra one in the football version. Football as a sport was exclusive for European audiences, while the American audience enjoyed playing ice hockey. The funny thing is that the hockey version didn’t differ from the football one, except for the name!

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