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Ruben Amorim was destined to take on a big coaching role in Europe, especially after his success with Sporting in 2021 at just 36 years old. His potential repeat title win in 2024 further showcases his coaching prowess.

Recognizing his talent early on, Sporting made a bold move by paying a hefty release clause to secure him after his impressive start at Braga. They saw potential in his tactical acumen, fierce commitment, and strong personality.

In discussions with various Portuguese coaches who have faced him, we delve into his journey, what makes him an exceptional coach, and whether his success can carry over to his next opportunity.

Sky Sports’ Peter Smith and Melissa Reddy discuss the rumors of Ruben Amorim potentially moving to Liverpool as the top choice to replace Jurgen Klopp.

As a player, Amorim was part of a successful Benfica team, winning three league titles in Lisbon. Although his playing career was cut short due to injury, he quickly transitioned to coaching by taking on roles at Casa Pia and then Braga, where he excelled and caught Sporting’s attention.

Sporting’s swift action in acquiring him paid off with a title win after 19 years in his first full season. His leadership and clear communication have been instrumental in shaping a successful team amidst club upheaval.

Amorim during his playing days for Benfica

‘Really intense’

Amorim’s coaching methodology and dedication mirror his playing style, with an emphasis on organization, hard work, and player development. His tactical flexibility and clear communication resonate well with both players and the media.

Melissa Reddy on Liverpool’s next move after Xabi Alonso’s decision

Coaches like Vasco Seabra and Vitor Campelos commend Amorim’s approach, highlighting his ability to connect with players, develop young talent, and maintain a positive team environment.

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Amorim’s success is credited to his coaching expertise, leadership qualities, and ability to foster talent, earning him recognition as a top coach in Europe. His tactical acumen, adaptability, and focus on player development have set him apart in the coaching world.

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