Ricky Hatton says son Campbell’s reputation has improved because of first loss

RICKY HATTON believes that despite suffering his first defeat, his son Campbell’s reputation and fan base have likely grown.

Twenty-five years after Ricky won the Central Area super-lightweight title, Campbell aimed to win the same title in Sheffield last month. However, his opponent James Flint emerged victorious.

Fighting for his first belt and in his first 10-round contest were significant milestones for Campbell who hadn’t greatly impressed in his previous 14 fights.

Despite his loss, Ricky Hatton praised Campbell’s effort but emphasized the need for learning and improvement.

Ricky Hatton, a former unified world champion, shared his advice with Campbell, highlighting the importance of pacing oneself and using energy efficiently during a fight.

Despite the defeat, Ricky Hatton believes that Campbell’s stock and fan base have increased due to his fighting spirit and determination. He is confident that Campbell will bounce back stronger.

Campbell is now in search of a new trainer after parting ways with his uncle Matthew, who was his previous trainer. Ricky Hatton assured that he and his brother will always be available to provide guidance and support to Campbell.

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