Recap Champions League news conferences – plus Everton reaction

‘We accept the criticism’

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Arsenal v Bayern Munich (Tue, 20:00 BST)

Bayern Munich
Bayern Munich

Bayern Munich boss Thomas Tuchel on rest of the season: “The season is not lost. The season is over when it’s over.

“The criticism is deserved after we lost in the cup and we’re not going to win the league. That’s a fact. We are accepting the criticism, we haven’t had the passion and hunger in the Bundesliga that we would expect from ourselves.

“In the Champions League, we’ve played at a very high level so far. We’ve reached our minimum goal. A lot of big teams have not reached the quarter-finals.

“You can’t take it for granted. This was our minimum goal, not you have to be in form, be lucky and sometimes have the referee’s decisions on your side.

“Whatever that does for the season, that depends on you the journalists and what you decide. We have our own analysis which is very critical.

“Tomorrow play with have a chance to reach the semi-final, we need two great performances and that is where our focus is.”

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