Panel: What can we learn from 2023?

Denzel Bentley (Middleweight contender)

Just make the biggest fights. Fans will all support you if you’re making the biggest fights possible. If you’re going to lose in a fight that the fans don’t want to see, then fighters get written off. Always try and make the biggest fights possible and always try and push forward. The era of ducking and diving and trying to be a businessman is dying out.

Donald McRae (Journalist/Author)

Doping was, yet again, boxing’s dirty secret in 2023. It is a cancer rooted deep in the sport and whether it was Conor Benn and his backers still attempting to avoid the consequences of two positive test results or hearing from some world class fighters and trainers that doping is rife, the year was shadowed by controversy. Boxing needs to get a grip on its corrosive drug problem.

Jack Catterall (Super-lightweight contender)

You’ve got to take your opportunities, become a lot more business-like. As an individual you’ve got to learn to promote yourself and put yourself out there and be ready. There’s a lot of big fights and big opportunities but they’re coming at the drop of a hat. So, I think fighters have got to be on standby, be in the gym working and be ready to take the shot when it comes.

Richard Farnan (Cutman/Trainer)

To not be so complacent. There’s a fine line between complacency, egotistical and confident. You have to have ability and belief in yourself, but I think sometimes you need to remain realistic. There’s so many that have been outspoken this year and come up short. There are levels in this game. There is world level and there is elite level. I would say maybe a few fighters should be a bit more humble.

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