Panel: What are your thoughts on Conor Benn being reinstalled in the WBC rankings?

Jordan Gill (Former European featherweight champion)

I think it’s interesting. I understand the WBC have different processes to the British Boxing Board of Control, so I’m keen to see the conclusion from the Board once all the information is accessed. I like Benn and hope to see him back in the ring as soon as possible, but one wonders how a fighter that is further down the pay scale would afford to fight his or her corner if they had eaten a similar number of eggs.

Wayne Alexander (Former European super-welterweight champion)

They must have believed his reason for having clomiphene in his system and they must have read the 250-page document thoroughly and come to the conclusion that Conor did not intentionally put an illegal substance in his body. The WBC are not a drug-testing body like UKAD and VADA, so being put back in the ratings does not mean that he can fight again. He still needs a licence. I do hope he gets his career back on track because he was on a roll and the clock is ticking.

Marcus Morrison (Middleweight contender)

I really don’t think it sends out a good message to fighters at any level – especially at the top level, where fighters are supposed to be very careful with what goes into their body, knowing that they could be tested at any time. I feel like the WBC have potentially and unintentionally opened up a free-for-all for fighters to take certain performance-enhancing drugs, then turn around and use the excuse that they’ve been eating too many eggs. Valid or not, where do you draw the line?

Chris McKenna (Journalist)

What we need is more transparency. Where were the eggs sourced? Or is it from an egg-white based supplement that was claimed in the Mail on Sunday at the weekend? Benn must prove that what he took was contaminated with clomiphene. It’s not good enough just saying that it could have been. Maybe he has shown evidence to the WBC, but we have not been shown it. More questions than answers.

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