Offline Sport Bets With Bet Bila Bundles

22Bet and Safaricom come with a revolutionary initiative for Kenyan players: now they can place bets even without being online. 

22Bet and Safaricom cooperation

Are you familiar with a situation when you want to place some bets but can’t get online? Simply because you can afford it at the moment. This is a common problem for many Kenyan punters. 

Together with Safaricom, we came up with a perfect solution: Worry no more about the data that stands between you and your plans as a bettor; just keep on betting! 

Let’s see how it works. 

The new feature ‘Bet Bila Bundles’ lets players continue online betting.

We are aware that mobile data may not be accessible for all customers at all times. With Safaricom, we have developed an initiative for our betting platform: if you bet with 22Bet, you get free access to the website. This unique feature is called ‘Bet Bila Bundles’, and it is a great way to bet on various sports and esports, even without being online. 

It only takes to be a Safaricom client to enjoy free betting. Just choose us as your sports betting platform, visit 22BET’s official Kenyan website, and go for it!


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